Kalau ingin melihat Timnas baik dan berprestasi kuncinya satu "Wartawan-nya Harus Baik". Sampai terkenal di Quote-nya.

viralnow kemenpora pssi Indonesia football ASIA timnas menpora Jokowi sepakbola
Suporter Indonesia @infosuporter
Chant baru nih. Wartawan harus baik. Wartawan harus baik. pic.twitter.com/a1QUv0soYe
FOX Sports Asia @FOXSportsAsia
Please Malaysia claim this guy, Edy Rahymadi as your Chairman. We would be grateful if you could accept this offer. Thank you." Fans were miffed 😠😠 with the @PSSI Chairman over his comments yesterday, and took to twitter! foxsportsasia.com/football/asian…
Asian Football @SuportersAsian
Langsung nyampe ke Fox Sports Asia. Mashookkk pak Edy. pic.twitter.com/q3M5YyHTSo
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