Ashraf @AshrafAriff
My enemy is finding new ways to get to me. pic.twitter.com/9z7olnFTsH
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astriferous; @nuhafdzl
@Azfarovski not gonna to manhattan for like 6 months hshshshshsj
MFM Malaysia @MFMMalaysia
@AshrafAriff Hi, we are sorry for the experience you had with us. Kindly DM us your full name, contact number and email address so we can launch an in-depth investigation of the incident immediately. Please know that we take all complaints seriously and we thank you for your cooperation.
MFM Malaysia @MFMMalaysia
@AshrafAriff Hi, we take all feedback and complaints seriously and will surely take action and investigate on this incident.
Reviewing Life @reviewstuffs
@MFMMalaysia Gonna stop eating at MFM. This is just unacceptable.
ZahiraRara @zahirahanafi
@MFMMalaysia sad to hear this incident. even sadder it's viraled without informing you first.
aisyah is done with her life but not with acca @aisyahdiyana
@MFMMalaysia I really think you need to check all of your outlets tho.. Service in Kuching are crappy and slow.. Foods are inconsistent in taste... I miss the old mfm
bb dll-𖤐 @noordellaadnan
@AshrafAriff Bersangka baik. Mungkin lipas laut? Hehehehehehe
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