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Ngeri! Tiap Postingan dan Caption Instagram Wanita Ini Ditiru Persis Oleh Akun Lain Selama 2 Tahun, Pelaku Lalu Hilang Jejak

Ada akun yang dengan 'creepy'-nya tiru persis setiap postingan Chloe Cowan
Instagram stalker chloe cowan copycat sosmed medsos

Cerita ini bermula dari postingan Facebook adik Chloe bernama Linzi Cowan. Ia mengungkap ada wanita dengan nama akun @honeybasra18xo yang sengaja meniru pose-pose Chloe Cowan, bahkan tak hanya foto tapi juga video.

"Wanita itu stalking dengan ekstrem, sampai membuat video dari album foto yang Chloe posting tentang ayahku yang telah meninggal. Wanita itu tidak mengikuti kakakku di media sosial dan membuat akun palsu untuk mengikutinya," lanjut Linzi. detik

URL wolipop Seram, Pose Wanita Ini di Instagram Diikuti Orang Tak Dikenal Selama 2 Tahun Seorang tak dikenal ketahuan meniru pose, baju sampai caption wanita bernama Chloe Cowan.
The Daily Record @Daily_Record
Horrified Chloe Cowan only recently discovered that fellow undergraduate, Honey Basra, has allegedly been mirroring her lifestyle to the tiniest detail for two years…
New York Post @nypost
Woman finds stranger copying her entire life on Instagram
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Elaine @ElaineVMTV
Police have told a law student who claims her Instagram posts were copied by a stranger for two years, that no crime was committed. Chloe Cowan, from Scotland says dozens of her photos were recreated by a fellow undergraduate.Would you see this as a crime?
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Heather Corcoran @thisisheatherc
🔥 Chloe Cowan posted this snap, left, only to be copied by honeybasra18xo, who got more likes than Chloe for her photo 🔥
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JESUS & Lara MB ❤️ George Floyd, Life, Liverpool @BlackQueenLara
@nypost What happened to her...: "This including a post about the #Cowans’ father who has passed away." Let the whole world now understand that this can't be a simple coincidence, but there's well psychological cruelty involved. #ChloeCowan, Don't get too angry or sad, you'll win this
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caity @aworldofmyownn
This Chloe Cowan and Honey Basra case is wild asf and lowkey terrifying
Shane Klz off out to Woodies @shane_klz
@ElaineVMT The Mickey Mouse ears pic is definitely copied but the other poses are what 99% of young women do in front of a camera these days. It's definitely cheeky to copy but it's no crime. Simple answer is concentrate on your law studies & stop posting so many pics.
@nypost Another good reason why I don't post every aspect of my Life.


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