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Drink Codeine cough syrup Mix hospital methylated spirit with Coke Sniff soakaway fumes Take Refnol Smoke weed Prepare omigutter Drink alcohol in excess Now, we have started boiling used menstrual pads. Indonesia paving the way. Whoever this generation offended, we need to beg. pic.twitter.com/AYMeAuph2f
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Teen Vogue @TeenVogue
Teenagers in Indonesia Are Reportedly Boiling Menstrual Pads to Get High bit.ly/2QUcWXu pic.twitter.com/KWTKfIR4Lb
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Dazed @Dazed
Teens in Indonesia are getting high by boiling menstrual pads: dazeddigital.com/life-culture/a… pic.twitter.com/9f7PavHzFu
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Budi Raharja @_heybudi
Fakkkk Indon emang top dah! Sampe dijadiin berita di luar. 😂😂 twitter.com/Dazed/status/1…
aku @anggimagination
@TeenVogue Malo yaallah malo udh diberitain sm bule:(
shawty @joeliyn12
@TeenVogue Hina bgt lah buat yg kobam pake pembalut.


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