Kathleen Wimpelberg @Jaksox
@MOMENTOFMERCURY @QueenieOfNorway As a “mature” Queenie who saw Live Aid in real time, has the Live Aid DVD and watched the Queen 20 whatever minutes several times b4 seeing Bo Rap on the big screen YES the attention to detail is a huge part of the film!
Jaylen|Babymetal in Februar! @JaylenRbo
@MOMENTOFMERCURY @Mathilde_Felton They Got the details about the Pepsi and beer correct too so figured the rest was too
Lynn✨ @keepshiningolly
@MOMENTOFMERCURY Just seeing this gives me goosebumps cos imagine if you’d been there and seen that performance then all these years later you saw the movie..OMG the emotions must be unbelievable 😭
Ed'gare aux cons, ma fille @Wispraus
@MOMENTOFMERCURY Rami Malek said in an interview that he and the other actors and the crew spent around 1000 hours watching the live in order to catch all the details (at least that's what my sister found on the internet)
Cameron McEnturff @CMcEnturff
@Wispraus @MOMENTOFMERCURY Lmao they no way they watched 1000 hours of live performance.
Ed'gare aux cons, ma fille @Wispraus
@CMcEnturff @MOMENTOFMERCURY If they watched it again and again and again everyday to catch every single tiny detail then why not ?
Ed'gare aux cons, ma fille @Wispraus
@IanEmmanuelx @CMcEnturff @MOMENTOFMERCURY And it took them a year to make the movie so way more than 40 days Anyway, the main point was that they spent a LOOOOT of time studying the live in order to recreate it in the most faithful way they could
Isaac Medina @prisonisaac
@MOMENTOFMERCURY From this scene alone rami malek deserves a oscar nomination


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