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Kevin W @kwilli1046
A Japanese runner who broke her leg during a relay race. She crawled to her partner so the team would be able to continue the race. Lets share her story with the world. pic.twitter.com/NNiSL9Q64F
♥NancyB♥ @villyforever55
@kwilli1046 @jamdownrocks The lesson here: It’s not always about winning, it’s about finishing the race with honor.
SwiftMo - Bike hire and training. @SwiftMomentum
@kwilli1046 People potentially harming themselves when they are clearly not competitive for one reason or another is not sport.
George Davidson @MrHenryGee
@kwilli1046 She should have been stopped. We need to discourage this.
Monica Anne @MonicaParkerAn1
@kwilli1046 @Timothy26396065 She’s such a brave woman. Haven’t seen anything of sort for a long time💕💕

Namanya Rei Lida, mengikuti Kejuaraan Estafet Maraton Putri Ekiden di Fukuoka, Jepang, Oktober 2018 lalu.

URL Tribun Bali 5 Kisah Luar Biasa Pelari Jepang: Kaki Patah di Tengah Lomba, Merangkak Demi Lanjutkan Lomba - Tribun Bali Ini adalah kisah luar biasa pelari asal Jepang, Rei Iida, saat mengikuti Kejuaraan Estafet Maraton Putri Ekiden

Cedera itu dialami Lida ketika dia tinggal berjarak 200 meter saja, dari rekannya yang sudah menunggu untuk melanjutkan estafet.

Dia disebut sampai mengalami patah tulang kaki. Cedera itu tak bisa membuat Rei Lida melanjutkan larinya.

Tapi, Rei Lida memutuskan tak berhenti. Meskipun akhirnya tim mereka gagal, namun kegigihannya membuat penonton tersentuh

Paul Green @RatedPG6275
@kwilli1046 @rolandsmartin The fact she refused to give up and fight for her team is something that should be admired. Not too many people can say they would've done that. Gotta respect the will and toughness of this woman. #AllHeart
kingk @kingkofrom
@kwilli1046 @scottbrownslego My heart goes out for her. She is true definition of a champion. Champion at heart. Champion in courage. Champion in perseverance. Champion in life. This is a testament to what humanity is truly capable of. I Thank You for your inspiring display of gallantry. You are a Hero #Love
Jo @Jo__Edge
@kwilli1046 @Im_Atheist I don't think it's a good thing, Japanese hyper-competativness puts so much pressure on young people, it's just a race it's not worth it.
David So @davidsocomedy
@kwilli1046 They should literally title this video, “YOU AINT SHIT.”
Hayato💬⚾ @RedSahxNation
@kwilli1046 @jackfpaylor Seriously, this might look like a beautiful story if you don't know the real story behind it. Our culture needs to change. This is why hundreds of people in Japan overwork themselves to death every year. They are just not allowed to "quit"
Raymond Smith @RaymondhSmith
@MrHenryGee @kwilli1046 She SHOULD have, on more than one level. Her teams manager had already forfited the race and no one told her. She literally did this for nothing.
Matt Newmark @NuConcept
@villyforever55 @kwilli1046 @jamdownrocks On her hands and knees, crawling with a broken leg she wasn't THAT far behind the blue team! Guts, Iron will, determination - amazing display of courage...
Kei Morimoto @StartswithKei
@RedSoxNation416 @kwilli1046 @jackfpaylor I don’t think this has anything to do with Japanese suicide rates or the working environment. She did it for her team and her will. She was not forced. Working environments on the other hand, has its moments of force and using “Konjyo” in the wrong way.


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