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Stories about women in former Khilafah era part #3

MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Our last story toninght is still about Umar r.a. The story entitled "The Ruler who was the scribe"

20/12/2012 22:37:26 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Umar bin al Khattab, bring the letters from the husbands who had gone for jihad to their wives himself.

20/12/2012 22:38:10 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

And he'd say: "Your husbands are (fighting) for the sake of Allah, & you are in the land of the Messenger of Allah…

20/12/2012 22:38:25 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

… If any among u can read (she may read her husband's letter), otherwise come near the door so that I can read to you."

20/12/2012 22:39:53 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Then he'd say, "The messenger is leaving on such n such a day; write letter so that we can send them with him."

20/12/2012 22:43:20 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Then he'd go around to them with paper and ink n say: "Here are ink & paper, come close to the door so that I can write 4 u."

20/12/2012 22:43:46 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

And he would take the letter from those women and send them to their husbands. SubhanAllah!

20/12/2012 22:44:04 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Not only did the Islamic State ensure that the material needs of women were taken care of

20/12/2012 22:44:21 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

but it went as far as ensuring their security & general well being.

20/12/2012 22:44:34 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

It valuing her well being was not just paying lip service but it secured through practical steps.

20/12/2012 22:44:49 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

To the extent that the Khalifah would himself go n ensure the women didn't have any needs that were not met.

20/12/2012 22:45:01 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Our hearts ache in the anticipation of the re-establishment of this system once again.

20/12/2012 22:45:13 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

We, the Muslims of today, live in a blessed time not only because we may be very close to witnessing the birth of the Khilafah state

20/12/2012 22:45:24 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

but also that we live in a period when there is still time to add our own to the efforts being made for it's return.

20/12/2012 22:45:37 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Join us |The International Women's Conference this Sat 22 Dec, Jakarta | "The Khilafah: Protecting Women from Poverty & Enslavement"

20/12/2012 22:46:08 WIB
MuslimahHTIndonesia @Women4Khilafah

Alhamdulillah, we just finish three stories about women in Umar bin Khatab ra rule. Everything is MashaAllah. May Allah blessed him.

20/12/2012 22:47:38 WIB


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