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SRHchat Coercion consent
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MokoBi Borteley @B_teley
@youthsdgssummit @KambirigiLilian @IPPFAR @kwasiSELASSIE @reginafuller @ecgyetuah @UNYouthEnvoy @UNDPGhana @YagGhana @UNFPAGHANA @AdjoaYenyi This is what I am doing to help achieve the SDGs and this tackles Goal 3. Make a date to join us on the last day of the summit. #SRHChat #AfricaYouthDay #AYSDGs
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#maverick @amblac
it is happening today and at 18.00hrs GMT... join us lets push the agenda of #consent #NomeansNo #RespectingBoundaries #SRHChat and remember to follow @Smoooth_Chat
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SmooothChat Live @Smoooth_Chat
@ghanabakwamena @londonna99 @B_teley @ibnbinta @amblac @SeeDeblay @YAMghana @IpasGhana @UNYouthEnvoy @AdjoaYenyi Hi fam, our scheduled chat for today will be starting shortly. Kindly take a few mins to join us as we examine a few issues related to our chat next week on Consent and Coercion #SRHChat #NoMeansNo #Respecting Boundaries
Daniel Collins @DanielCollins85
@MariaLaoise If someone makes sexual contact with you and you haven't provided your consent, that's already a criminal offence, no matter what your sex, gender or sexual orientation is.
Cecil A.K Dadzie @ghanabakwamena
@Smoooth_Chat @londonna99 @B_teley @ibnbinta @amblac @SeeDeblay @YAMghana @IpasGhana @UNYouthEnvoy @AdjoaYenyi @Smoooth_Chat, consent is simply “go-ahead” or “carry on”. In the context of this conversation. It means actively agreeing to be intimate (includes sexual intimacy) with someone. Without it (#consent), intimacy becomes assault or rape. #SRHChat #NoMeansNo
Raising A Rebel @rebel_raising
So... What about consent? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Consent is a hot 🔥 topic right now when it comes to women and sex. As a result there's a focus on teaching consent-This is good. 👏🏽 But consent isn't always about sex. I think children need to learn that their consent matters. But how? #consent
stacia l. brown @slb79
“Consent is what makes sex legal. It’s not what makes it good.” - Kim Cavill, on why consent is a low bar when talking to our kids about sex #howtoraiseakid
Sexwise @Sxwise
"In relationships, coercion can happen in lots of little ways. Making someone feel guilty about not wanting to have sex with you is coercion." How consent plays out in everyday situations
Louise @EscortLouise
@FosMar81 @SarahChampionMP You CANNOT inflict your idea of what is abuse and what is not onto someone who determines that they want to engage in sex work to change their circumstances, by claiming it is financial coercion when they see it as financial compensation.
Sherifa Awudu @cheryphat19
@paintermain @ghanabakwamena @Smoooth_Chat @londonna99 @B_teley @ibnbinta @amblac @SeeDeblay @YAMghana @IpasGhana @UNYouthEnvoy @AdjoaYenyi @beckles_0 I think it’s always safe for it to be spoken. You may never know when the other party might say otherwise. After all you didn’t hear me say “go ahead “ or “I agree “ 🤷🏽‍♀️
Akosua Amoah @argifty
@Smoooth_Chat @paintermain @ghanabakwamena @londonna99 @B_teley @ibnbinta @amblac @SeeDeblay @YAMghana @IpasGhana @UNYouthEnvoy @AdjoaYenyi @Abocco @gweama_paulema @kmutomba94 @beckles_0 @thesextalkapp @SexTalkRadioUK No please, as coercion is using force or threat to get the person to agree to something, while Persuasion is convincing the person to agree to something. #SrhChat
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