J E P @toiletkost
Jangan sok-sokan ngomongin MotoGP kalo gak kenal siapa Komentatornya. Klean harus tau Komentatornya anak Kupang-Timor Barat-NTT 😐 Cc ; @hati2diInternet pic.twitter.com/BmBQB7Zk8G
deJong @ajunsii
@toiletkost @hati2diInternet Imajinasi tinggi, sophisticated👏 Pasti blm terjamah smartphone😂😂😂
J E P @toiletkost
@ajunsii @hati2diInternet Dia main PS MotoGP, dia komentarin sendiri 🤪
MotoGP™ 🇲🇾 @MotoGP

First on the throttle, last on the brakes 🏁

MotoGP™ @MotoGP
Who remembers this young Indonesian #MotoGP fan from earlier this year? Well we decided to invite him to the #MalaysianGP this weekend 🇲🇾 Maybe we'll let commentate on a session... 😅 pic.twitter.com/PMak9nMirJ
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Dave Bragg @Braggy63
@MotoGP yeah classic. he must see the BT commentary because he even throws in a bit of Keith Huewen with his " unbeliev Marc Marquez". sign him up. .😆 💪👏. .
MotoGP™ @MotoGP
Young Vardy got to meet @Reddingpower earlier today in Sepang 👍 We hear Scott is a big fan of his commentary 😁 #MalaysianGP 🇲🇾 pic.twitter.com/yIpypfmfoZ
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☮ kristo @masjokose
@MotoGP But d'boy didn't understand what he says 😂😂
Sailing.. @Innominate_SA
@MotoGP Oh he deserves it...well done young man!
May Nur Fatimah @maycahyo
@MotoGP indonesia negeriku, orangnya lucu-lucu~~
Yunar @yunaryunar
@MotoGP waow congrats for him..! finally he will experience on what he love and dream, thx u motoGP for cheersing his life..


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