Wanita dari Cina bernama Lili Tan membuat gaun pengantin sendiri memakai 40 kantong semen. Uniknya, ia tidak pernah belajar fashion design.
China Xinhua News @XHNews
What's your dream bridal style? This young woman uses 40 cement bags to make a beautiful wedding dress pic.twitter.com/sgMG6kDkxP
rajiv @rajbindas86
CHINESE WOMAN SEWED A WEDDING DRESS FROM 40 BAGS OF CEMENT 28-year-old Tan Lili decided to find an application for them and sew a wedding dress from bags. pic.twitter.com/XpIqAfOCQa
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ayaan. @Sajjadsayss2
This Chinese woman made a bridal gown wd 40 cement bags that she found in her house.According to reports,28 yr old Tan Lili produced the unique dress with discarded cement bags.The best part?She never attended a fashion design school but yet ended up designing something so quirky pic.twitter.com/tF1jX2jPDI
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wolipop @wolipop
Gaun Pengantin dari Kantong Semen Bekas Ini Viral, Bentuknya Bikin Takjub detik.id/617Odp pic.twitter.com/bMYQGvXySq
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Pti Princess @PtiPrincess1
A wedding dress for a Chinese woman described as the most innovative in the world is made of cement bags, instead of silk or satin or lace #Tan_Lili produced a long dress made entirely of 40 bags of cement used to renovate her home. What do you think of the idea to face the rain? twitter.com/sayidatynet/st…
TOKTOK9JA.COM @Toktok9jaa
Creative Wedding Dress Ever? Chinese woman makes a bridal gown with 40 cement bags toktok9ja.com/creative-weddi… pic.twitter.com/v0JJaJD5lF
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