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Unik Banget, Gaun Pengantin Wanita Ini Jadi Viral Karena Gunakan 40 Kantong Semen

Out of the box banget ya
Wanita dari Cina bernama Lili Tan membuat gaun pengantin sendiri memakai 40 kantong semen. Uniknya, ia tidak pernah belajar fashion design.
China Xinhua News @XHNews

What's your dream bridal style? This young woman uses 40 cement bags to make a beautiful wedding dress

28/09/2018 12:57:51 WIB
rajiv @rajbindas86

CHINESE WOMAN SEWED A WEDDING DRESS FROM 40 BAGS OF CEMENT 28-year-old Tan Lili decided to find an application for them and sew a wedding dress from bags.

29/09/2018 13:50:31 WIB
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,’,’,’,’,’,’ @Sajjadsayss2

This Chinese woman made a bridal gown wd 40 cement bags that she found in her house.According to reports,28 yr old Tan Lili produced the unique dress with discarded cement bags.The best part?She never attended a fashion design school but yet ended up designing something so quirky

30/09/2018 20:51:33 WIB
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wolipop @wolipop

Gaun Pengantin dari Kantong Semen Bekas Ini Viral, Bentuknya Bikin Takjub

01/10/2018 13:19:35 WIB
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Pti Princess @PtiPrincess1

A wedding dress for a Chinese woman described as the most innovative in the world is made of cement bags, instead of silk or satin or lace #Tan_Lili produced a long dress made entirely of 40 bags of cement used to renovate her home. What do you think of the idea to face the rain?…

02/10/2018 22:29:01 WIB
TOKTOK9JA.COM @Toktok9jaa

Creative Wedding Dress Ever? Chinese woman makes a bridal gown with 40 cement bags…

22/10/2018 18:11:04 WIB
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