[ROUNDUP] notable 'Happy Birthday David Cook' tweets, etc.

Random sampling of notable 'Happy Birthday David Cook' tweets, etc.
URL DavidCookOfficial.com Happy Birthday David Cook! Let's all wish David Cook a very Happy Birthday! He's already lucky to have such loyal fans! And in honor of David's 30th birthday today, fans like you are donating to his personal Race for Hope-DC page. Finding a cure for brain tumors and providing suppo
David Cook @thedavidcook
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes today! This one was high up on the list of best birthdays ever. I'd say easily Top 30 or so.
Michael Orland @MichaelOrland
@LFraddy @thedavidcook oh, happy Birthday David!!!! You might be "old" according to Leslie, but ALWAYS younger than me. LOL.
American Idol @AmericanIdol
Wishing a big happy birthday to Season 7 winner @thedavidcook & Season 8's @AnoopDoggDesai!
Race for Hope DC @curebraintumors
Happy B-Day @thedavidcook! You are a champion for much needed brain tumor research and so are your fans. #BrainTumorThursday
Race Taylor @RaceTaylor
@thedavidcook Happy Birthday DC! In honor of our recycled interviews I'll send a recycled gift. Hope u like candles...pine scented! HBD2U!
CHIRCH @MattyChirch
Happy birthday to @thedavidcook. Had a great summer touring together. Enjoy the Day!
Nick Adams @nickadamsdrums
Happy birthday @thedavidcook ! Spanish pooh wanted me to give this to you. http://t.co/QGHQrIjg
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Andy Skib @andyskib
Happy Birthday @thedavidcook. I keep feeling like I'm catching up to you in age and then you go and turn 30. Jeez, slow down ya dingus!
Maureen Van Zandt @MVZaGoGo
In honor of her godfather @thedavidcook 's birthday, Edie is wearing purple bows. One is already on its way out. http://t.co/QYvr3XHb
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Andrew Cook @MrAndrewCook
I give up trying to figure it out...Happy 30th Birthday to all the Davids of the world...and Jonah Hill.
Andrew Cook @MrAndrewCook
Happy 30th Birthday @hodgesmusic!.....Damnit wrong David.
Charley Belcher FOX @CharleyBelcher
Hoping for the happiest of birthdays to my friend @thedavidcook!
Lindsay Belcher @LindsayBelcher
Happy Birthday to our BFF @thedavidcook We love ya and miss ya!!
David Cook @thedavidcook
Thanks, everyone, for the early birthday wishes! Much appreciated!


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