Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza
When humor kicks in you know the political tactic has completely backfired pic.twitter.com/2seouICZdR
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TheRedCockerel @barntopper
@DineshDSouza Anybody on board with President Trump would never plant bomb packages right before a crucial election.
Stephen DeNuccio @SteveJazz
@DineshDSouza In addition, no many of #democrat supporters don't work either.... they take handouts and demonstrate for #Soros cash.
Choose Wisely.. @amerie31314
@DineshDSouza I work. I went from active duty Army straight to federal employment. I hit 20 years this past March, I plan to retire in 10. I have never been on food stamps or lives in public housing. I am a Democrat.
Choose Wisely.. @amerie31314
@DespicableFool @DineshDSouza The joke is implying that the bombs didn’t work.....Because Democrats don’t work.
Bede Diedritch @DespicableFool
@amerie31314 @DineshDSouza Okay, I get it now. You'll have to forgive me on that one, I've been up for about four hours now.
Brett Leland Sevy @brett_sevy
@amerie31314 @DespicableFool @DineshDSouza I don’t think it was saying work as in job work but work as in function. Like how socialism doesn’t function(work) well. But thank you for your service!! 😊
Dusty Rick Rhodes Dimension C-137 @DustyRh11462886
@amerie31314 @DineshDSouza Good for you! Yeah, is nice to keep in mind the things we have in common and the rational warm-hearted people. Would be interested to hear what issues/solutions you prefer in Dem Party though? What keeps you there???
Benny Profane @andyelf
@SteveJazz @DineshDSouza Keep working on trying to write a sentence in English, you’ll get it eventually.
TheRedCockerel @barntopper
@HeathenOnEarth_ @DineshDSouza That would be someone that President Trump has nothing to do with.
Johan C DeJong @Opadutch
@amerie31314 @DineshDSouza Good for you. You will make a excellent Republican.
Choose Wisely.. @amerie31314
@Opadutch @DineshDSouza I will revisit the Republican Party once some new energy is voted in. Right now, there is no Republican Party.
Choose Wisely.. @amerie31314
@DustyRh11462886 @DineshDSouza Have you been to or seen the energy at a Trump Rally or did you see what happened in Charlottesville? Did you benefit from the middle class tax cut? Does it bother you that kids are still in cages at the border? And Trump? That’s what’s insane on the right.
Johan C DeJong @Opadutch
@amerie31314 @DineshDSouza I have never invited you back, I just said you would make a fine Republican. But have a great Democratic life.
Craig Lawrence @Proud1American
@amerie31314 @DineshDSouza So far that makes one! I’m a Republican, I’ve had good jobs and not so good jobs...I’ve also been between jobs for months! Never been on food stamps and never public housing!!!
(((Russell Brasel))) @RussellBrasel
@amerie31314 @Opadutch @DineshDSouza The @GOP is an inchoate, gibbering mass of frauds, thieves, racists, and morons. At this point, they’re beyond redemption.
Choose Wisely.. @amerie31314
@Opadutch @DineshDSouza Nor do I need your invitation. You’re not important.✌🏽
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