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A.J. (Drew) Feustel @Astro_Feustel
The # 1 rule for playing tennis in micro g: you must be floating when you hit the ball! I had a great time playing the first #tennis game in space with my teammate (assistant to the commander) @astro_ricky, and opponents @AstroSerena & @Astro_Alex on @Space_Station.
Maria Wagner @mariawagner052
@Astro_Feustel @astro_ricky @AstroSerena @Astro_Alex @Space_Station Next time you could play golf (perhaps outside of the ISS) 🛰🚀😂😂😅😅🏸🏑🏅
CleoPetra Queen of Denial @Sooo_in_denial
@mariawagner052 @Astro_Feustel @astro_ricky @AstroSerena @Astro_Alex @Space_Station Haha 😀 Can't you just see the golf ball pop up in another dimension and somebody go ..."wtf?"😂
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