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Highly Pathogenic H5N1: Deadly to Birds and to Humans

Melanie Lefkowitz @Mel415

@PiersTonight studio ready for #GunsinAmerica Town Hall tonight @ Piers Morgan Tonight® Global HQ CNN

20/12/2012 07:27:50 WIB
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Slate @Slate

This Piers Morgan interview was INTENSE:

20/12/2012 07:13:13 WIB
Sir Mo Farah @Mo_Farah

In just 14 days burn the unwanted fat off your belly

20/12/2012 07:17:52 WIB
Piers Morgan Live @PiersMorganLive

MT We're about two hours away from our special live, studio audience edition of @PiersTonight. Want to participate?

20/12/2012 07:04:38 WIB
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Sir Mo Farah @Mo_Farah

In just 14 days burn the unwanted fat off your belly

20/12/2012 07:02:07 WIB
CNN Communications @CNNPR

CNN's @piersmorgan hosts a town hall-style debate on guns live at 9 pET. Watch and join the conversation by using #gunsinamerica.

20/12/2012 06:35:41 WIB
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

Interesting seeing Paxman grill his DG re Savile. Out of interest, Paxo, why did YOU say nothing about the paedophilia YOUR show suppressed?

20/12/2012 06:03:10 WIB
Stephen Fry @stephenfry

Watching To Kill A Mockingbird - forgotten, despite the brilliance of Gregory Peck, how much it’s actually a children’s film. Masterful.

20/12/2012 05:53:49 WIB
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

Deliberating twisting my obvious sarcasm to inspire hatred is, yes > RT @NolteNC @piersmorgan reporting something you wrote is an 'attack'?

20/12/2012 05:41:08 WIB
Brady Cremeens @BradyCremeens

So, will CNN let @piersmorgan's comments slide? Do they want to be affiliated with the liberal who ADMITTED glee over Sandy Hook?

20/12/2012 05:33:00 WIB @SavingJustice

Wow @piersmorgan, you are one sick, pathetic individual. To be happy about the murder of children so YOU can push your backwards ideology.

20/12/2012 05:34:34 WIB
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

This is the kind of spell-bindingly stupid attack I'm getting now from the gun rights activists:

20/12/2012 05:35:56 WIB
The Hollywood Reporter @THR

'This Changes Everything': @PiersMorgan, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough Take on Gun Control After Newtown

20/12/2012 03:23:55 WIB
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

It's 'try to' > RT @BushidohB: @piersmorgan #1 rule when arguing,if you're losing,try correct their grammar..

20/12/2012 03:40:35 WIB
Piers Morgan Live @PiersMorganLive

As we get ready for a special edition of @pierstonight, look back at @piersmorgan - and his guests - on #gunsinamerica:

20/12/2012 03:35:32 WIB
katie coyle @CatieKoyle

All I want for Christmas is for @justinbieber to notice me :((

20/12/2012 03:30:30 WIB
Sarah @song_sara

Please god make justin bieber follow me ☹☹!!!!!!!

20/12/2012 03:28:40 WIB
Rhianna @xrhiannalaird

justin bieber - Christmas love is one of the best Christmas songs!

20/12/2012 03:28:44 WIB
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

NY banned assault weapons - never been safer > RT @KrisHasWealth: @piersmorgan watch you don't get shot in Central Park!

20/12/2012 03:18:11 WIB


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