Deeksha Sharma @tedhikheer29
Neck or back? I say back. What do you think? pic.twitter.com/KzgGjI6HHM
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Bhupendra Singh @ibhupendra
To me it's clearly the back! What about you guys? Neck or Back? pic.twitter.com/4Aq8OZxEvs
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SayNoToRape‼️ @biminta
Neck or back? 🤣😂😂 This is how God will continue to confuse any enemy of my progress . @Naija_PR pic.twitter.com/RpEka3rQgQ
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Kelvin Ace @kelvinace55
@NotJustSalman Thats one sexy waist and its only a person....explaination.. (pic)Black: leg...red: waist. ...Green: head...blue: hands pic.twitter.com/inxDw3nMAJ
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Nakatifi Mangala @Tifi_Mangala
Neck or back? it’s that duck rabbit image situation 🤦🏾‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/DSouguxJr8
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kristal 🏁 @wordswithkris
@thisisinsider She’s sitting in the floor doing a length check. It’s very clear
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