(Video Ini Bikin Pengen Punya Anak) SI Adik Nangis Tak Bisa Masukkan Bola Basket ke Ring, Kakak Menenangkannya Sambil Berkata "You are Strong"

wah, imut banget interaksi mereka
Suaine Harris @SuaineHarris

@JalalT1 They have good parents,evidently. He’s mimicking what his parents do.

15/10/2018 02:18:42 WIB

@PuddiSRC Lmfaoooo you’re actually a weray 😂

15/10/2018 02:24:23 WIB
LovelynAmazin🥩 @SoLovelynAmazin

@XxAlmostFamous @El_Zuk @JalalT1 @GRomero_2 Its why I didn’t address him here. But I absolutely quote rtd him w/ my thoughts. The ignorance is appalling.

15/10/2018 04:05:43 WIB
KAREN🌺 @karenzolorsano

@JalalT1 @ayyDOmio My brother tells me to shut up the second I enter a room and I’m not even saying anything

15/10/2018 04:42:58 WIB
d.o.c 🌊🌊🌊 @deeyocee

@karenzolorsano @JalalT1 Lmfaoo I was about to say I was never this nice on my best day

15/10/2018 05:33:19 WIB
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