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A weekly discussion by Irish educators. This week the topic was "Group work seems to be the new way to teach, particularly at primary level and now with the new Junior Cycle. Is it better/more efficient than good old-fashioned direct instruction?” The online discussion took place took place Mon 1st October, 2018.
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Irish Education News @IrishEducation
Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.
MiriamBergin @miriambergin
Cant wait.. @FEILTE this wkend, @engcmco & I have a stand demonstrating how we use ICT in English & Business studies,move from teacher centered to student centered learning...first time @TeachingCouncil brings it to Limerick. Tchrs share resources/experiences with Tchrs.#edchatie
fboss @fboss
Flex your typing fingers ahead of tonight's LIVE #edchatie discussion on "Group work seems to be the new way to teach, particularly at primary level and now with the new Junior Cycle. Is it better/more efficient than good old-fashioned direct instruction?” - in 5 minutes time
fboss @fboss
Welcome to tonight's #edchatie LIVE hour of discussion. As usual, before we begin, please introduce yourself and remember to always add in the hashtag #edchatie to all your tweets so they can be added to the transcription at the end.
Christina Doherty @cdohertyed
Well, guess who learned to make memes whilst prepping for the next topic tonight 😂 #HistEdChat #edchatie #SorryNotSorry #Reformation pic.twitter.com/qD0QcIbnPI
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Conor Power @conpower
@cdohertyed Make the most of it before Article 13 kicks in #edchatie
Aishling Donohoe @AshDonohoe
Hi all, Ashling here. Maths PP teacher. Love group work! #edchatie
John Loughlin @j_loughlin
Interesting #edchatie discussion topic tonight. John anseo, múinteoir i nGaillimh
Conor Power @conpower
@fboss #edchatie Is group really a 'new' way to teach. Hasn't group week always been used in Primary? There is certainly room for both. I have noticed delivering CPD on the @JCforTeachers #coding short course that the requirement for groupwork in the assessment is radical.
Dáire Lambert @daire_lambert
Daire here. Science and Special Education. Love this topic being discussed tonight #edchatie
Michael Browne @de_Bruner
#Edchatie In the main, group work is no more effective than explicit instruction and is certainly not more efficient. Waste of time unless strict parameters are adhered to, as demonstrated by research.
Dáire Lambert @daire_lambert
@fboss I find myself more so on the direct instruction side of the fence. Context is important too but if we talking about efficiency then I prefer to use DI. #edchatie
Conor Power @conpower
@Nccaie / @leronews developed @JCforTeachers #coding specification requires that the project for assessment is a group task. This reflects real world software development which is done in teams. Seems to be a bit of an outlier. Such projects are common at third level. #edchatie
John Heffernan @johnmayo
#edchatie Stand and deliver lecture is cheapest and easiest way to deliver content
Aishling Donohoe @AshDonohoe
Definitely pros and cons to groupwork. Pros - Excellent for differentiating for all abilities. Good for building interpersonal skills. Useful method of assessment. Cons - can be time consuming, also have to be on top of behaviour. #edchatie
John Loughlin @j_loughlin
@daire_lambert @fboss Definitely. If one looks at the evidence DI is a very efficient method of getting students to learn. Very efficient. Group work less so, but I agree, context is key, e.g. we have to do group work in science when doing practical work. #edchatie
fboss @fboss
I would be interested in the pros and cons of Groupwork versus Direct Instruction as understood by us in tonight's #edchatie discussion
Eistear de Búrca @GermanTeachIRL
Eistear, MFL. From my own experience, I cannot say that my pupils perform any better as a result of group work. While it can be great fun, I am not convinced that it is a peerless methodology #edchatie
DeelyoD @gaelgleoite
Group work needs clear planning, scaffolding, purpose and outcomes. Rolls need to be defined and understood to avoid one person being lumped with all the work/taking over. Groupwork for the sake of it just a waste of time (imo). #edchatie
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