A growing list of support and solidarity in response to #J28 police brutality and Mayor Jean Quan's stated attempt to call upon other Occupy groups to disown Occupy Oakland.
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McCallister Crowley @EstelleSweaty
"The Bay Area Occupy movement has got to stop using Oakland as their playground." Jean Quan resign please
Take the dirt road @WilliamHerefor1
@JeanQuan #OWS has no "national leaders" & I guess in your opiate stupor you missed all the #OaklandSolidarity #J29 axns #disownJeanQuan #OO
ajackson @antitheistangie
@marymad @MotormouthNews @jeanquan #OO is the second-home of the #OWS movement, and a huge rally for us all. No Quan. #OaklandSolidarity
Occupy Davis @OccupyDavis
@marymad Many of our #OccupyDavis & #OccupyUCDavis activists were arrested by #OPD #J28 while supporting #oo comrades. Quan is a fool!
Occupy Davis @OccupyDavis
@marymad @jeanquan We stand in #Solidarity with our #OO sisters & brothers! The ppl r united & #Quan cannot divide us! WeAreUnstoppable #ows
Anonymous @YourAnonNews
. @jeanquan we don't disown family, we disown politics.
RT @OWSTactical: Today we marched in 27 cities for #OaklandSolidarity. And it was organized in less than 24 hours. They attack one of us, and we all respond.
... @caulkthewagon
You guys, can we seriously prank Mayor Quan into setting up a conference call with our leader, Chairman Meow (aka Mr. Furr Kittingtons)?
OKWorkersMonthly @WorkersMonthly
STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY WITH OAKLAND FROM OCCUPY TULSA (Adapted from Portland Solidarity Statement) To the City... http://t.co/3IvML3v7
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib
Just got an email from friends in @OccupyPdx, putting an #OO solidarity statement before GA on Sunday. Solidarity is beautiful.
Jessi @jessiprincey
STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY WITH OAKLAND FROM OCCUPY TULSA: Official Occupy Tulsa (original OT)(A... http://t.co/DJoEjU4p #oo #OccupyOakland
Full Boar Socialism @JesseLaGreca
Wouldn't it be funny if every mayor who used tear gas on their citizens in America over the last 6 months all became unemployed? #ows #oo
Full Boar Socialism @JesseLaGreca
Oh, in case you hadn't noticed yet, we are all the leadership of #occupywallstreet We are all Spartacus. We are all Anonymous. Expect us
Tent Monster @tentmonster
Jean Quan needs an intention. Stop with your blaming the victim routine and man up. How much are the parks earning your council?
Occupy Salt Lake @OccupySaltLake
I stand with #OO Dear Oakland Mayor Quan, you do not need to call me, here is MY response to YOUR demands http://t.co/pWAqmRie via @dailykos
We Were OccupyAustin @OccupyAustin
@marymad POI I (OA twitter magnet Kit) am hoping to bring a #OO #Solidarity proposal to our #GA soon specifically to respond to Quan's BS
We Were OccupyAustin @OccupyAustin
@marymad we are all one #occupy and all its leaders so I think its important #OccupyAustin speak for #oo. We had a small march Sunday for it
Roseanne Barr @therealroseanne
this is fixed now-i was on the wrong page! mayor quon needs2 b arrested-how did someone ignorant of us law & culture get elected in oakland?
Trash Night Heron @hyphy_republic
Regime Change in Oakland: A response from #OWS to #JeanQuan's request for help from Occupy Leaders in undermining #OO http://t.co/V02YIsc7
tree @treekisser
OUCH, @JesseLaGreca! "just like the #OccupyOakland protests it appears the city of Oakland has no leaders either" Thanks! #OaklandSolidarity
Kate Campeau @kccampeau
@OccupyDavis @marymad Occupy does have leaders Anyone who stands up is a leader.
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