The Dodo @dodo
This guy and his goat are having the most important conversation 😂 #WorldAnimalDay pic.twitter.com/weSEuXK0Q7
Blue @BlueRidingHood1
@dodo What a cutie! (The little goat is cute as well). 🤗
Mariam Al-Deree🇦🇪MBA @Mariam4uae
@dodo 😅very cute goat, but clearly has some anger issues 😹😹😹😹😹
Big Cats @big_catsf
@dodo Animals just make life more fun❤️❤️
#Translation Goat @NotThatGoat
@dodo Don’t get mouthy with a goat. You can’t win.
Seif 🍥 @Seifosid
@dodo Someone needs to make a movie starring these two!
Christy Flynn @C_G_Flynn
@PEG_RAM @dodo @sadzkebabz I'd never leave the house, that would be my life.
karlijn wevers @jijmpel
@wawwoski1 @dodo Awwww beautiful😍💕Thank you sweet soul sister🙏🏼🤗😘
Clive Simpkins 🕉️ ✡️ ✝️ ☪️ ☸️ @clivesimpkins
@LoudMouthedChic @dodo Particularly insistent one, that. And quite a vocabulary. Sounded as if it was trying to spit at him. 😂
NancyL @PupRsq
@dodo Now this is one opinionated goat. Stand your ground little one. And the spit was a nice touch, too!! LOL!!!! 😊😍😂


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