Momen Kocak Sepatu Donald Trump Ketempelan Tisu Toilet Saat Sedang Naiki Air Force One, Jadi Sorotan Netizen Dunia

Donald Trump dan kertas toilet.
Philin’ Myself @MaltLiquorLogic

As if this entire presidency couldn’t be more bizarre... Today, Trump boarded Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

05/10/2018 07:44:55 WIB
Philin’ Myself @MaltLiquorLogic

It kinda makes sense considering he’s a piece of shit.

05/10/2018 07:52:49 WIB
Timothy Garrison @nohandlesleft

@MaltLiquorLogic @Bro_Pair doing a mental rewind... Doesn't this mean he got out of the car that way? And before that he got into that car that way? So he left a bathroom, walked all the way outside (probably rode an elevator on the way), got in car, sat in car, got out of car... This tp was the most loyal

05/10/2018 08:31:47 WIB
Lulu Says @lulu_says2

@MaltLiquorLogic I laughed so hard that I think I pulled a neck muscle😂

05/10/2018 08:31:50 WIB
Ryan #BLM @DoktorHess

@MaltLiquorLogic @DadandBuried I love how all you can see is the word "UNIT" when it zooms in on him waving... 😂

05/10/2018 08:44:30 WIB
Expand pic
Flanso @UncleFlansy

@DoktorHess @MaltLiquorLogic @DadandBuried In awe of the incompetency of this lad. Absolutely unfit.

05/10/2018 09:56:26 WIB
Sally Paulsen @salpaulsen

@jef_poskanzer @MaltLiquorLogic kids are asking why I'm crying...I can't

05/10/2018 08:55:34 WIB


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