Tak Sebut Nama Jokowi dan Sisipkan Candaan, Pidato Belasungkawa Donald Trump untuk Gempa Palu dan Donggala Bikin Netizen Gatal Berkomentar

Donald Trump ucapkan belasungkawa untuk Indonesia.

Gempa yang melanda Palu dan Donggala mendapat perhatian Presiden AS Donald Trump. Trump mengatakan siap membantu pemerintah Indonesia dalam penanganan pasca-gempa. Berikut pernyataan Presiden AS Donald Trump. pic.twitter.com/YnQK41Pnwy

02/10/2018 11:50:00 WIB

@KompasTV President @realDonaldTrump expressing condolences to Indonesia #PrayForPalu and President @jokowi “A friend of mine. Where gonna be calling up the leader. Who is a great leader indeed “ cc @zeldakartika @DitAmerika1 @KBRIWashDC @ConnellyAL @tlitaay @pramonoanung @ankns112 pic.twitter.com/np3tFtOIld

02/10/2018 12:49:00 WIB
Aaron Connelly 😷 @ConnellyAL

President Trump send "warmest condolences to" [checks notes] "the country of Indonesia." Can't remember President Jokowi's name, starts ad libbing on disasters, USTR Lighthizer starts cracking up in the background. twitter.com/aosny2011/stat…

02/10/2018 12:58:14 WIB
Risyiana Muthia @risyiana

@ConnellyAL @EricssenWen What. Is. This. I-I can't even... Ok, is this supposed to be a condolences speech? What's with that "joke" attempt mid speech? Why wouldn't he even bother with the facts and figures? I mean this is not out of character for him but geez...

02/10/2018 13:14:19 WIB
Joshua Stager @joshuastager

@ConnellyAL "A friend of mine who studies natural disasters. I don't know why he'd study that." Yes god forbid we develop some understanding of tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

02/10/2018 13:54:08 WIB
Sibylla 🇦🇺🏳️‍🌈 @Miss_Sibylla

@ConnellyAL The subtle body language of his son-in-law, who is undoubtedly bright and thoughtful, is quite telling. “Country of In-do-nee-ze-ah” indeed.

02/10/2018 13:46:23 WIB
Janet Dyah Ekawati G @JanetDEGibson

@ConnellyAL I know I shouldn't expect much, but no empathy here. As if he's just reading something he must read. Can't say Jokowi's name. And the comment about a friend who studies disasters? Oh dear...

02/10/2018 14:40:22 WIB
Adam Ni @adam_ni

@ConnellyAL The worst: this video doesn't even feel ludicrous anymore. /sigh

02/10/2018 13:08:36 WIB
Rubber Meets Road @YwanC

@ConnellyAL @TomPepinsky The world will remember this when the time comes. They will remember

02/10/2018 17:07:31 WIB
Aaron Connelly 😷 @ConnellyAL

As upsetting as this clip is, I should note that there are dozens of US Foreign Service officers in the State Department and USAID who are currently working long hours trying to determine how best to help the people of Central Sulawesi.

02/10/2018 16:12:17 WIB


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