StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
Florida A shaking woman secretly slips a handwritten note to a veterinarian – the vet realizes she has to act immediately... RETWEET THIS! pic.twitter.com/zUtCzfwxKA

Isi kertas pesan yang dituliskan oleh sang wanita…

StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
She was beaten and held captive by her boyfriend at gunpoint. THIS IS WHY WOMEN DON'T REPORT! pic.twitter.com/Kf4PpkH1ov
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Marilee Murphy Odendahl @marileeodendahl
@_SJPeace_ 15 Minutes to respond to this call of a man threatening someone with a gun? FIFTEEN Minutes?
Bernie Mamorbor @BernieMamorbor
@BovarysComplnt @marileeodendahl @_SJPeace_ I understand 15 minutes is a long time, but they needed five officers. Think of all that could have gone wrong if it were just two.
LM Taylor @dollyllamaX
@BernieMamorbor @BovarysComplnt @marileeodendahl @_SJPeace_ Was just going to reply to this, they had no idea what they were walking into, could have been a hostage situation. Also they needed silence, so no sirens, maybe no lights, harder to get through traffic. I don't fault officers in this situation. Those two vet techs were so smart
Christine @christine_says_
@dollyllamaX @BernieMamorbor @BovarysComplnt @marileeodendahl @_SJPeace_ Agreed. 15 minutes to ensure a safe arrest. Not to mention a conversation between the 5 officers so they have a plan for whatever may happen. This was well done and i'm happy to see he was taken into custody without escalating the situation.

Perhatikan juga anjing si wanita yang selalu hadir di sampingnya untuk menemaninya.

StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
Her dog was aware of the abuse 😭
Elizabeth 💖's 🐺 &💄 @Elyzium13
@_SJPeace_ @n8trlover Everyone needs to note that the #PitBull type dog is protecting the women and does not even go after the cops when they take the guy.....
Mark Hipps-Figgs @MarkHipps
@Elyzium13 @_SJPeace_ @n8trlover That was the first thing I noticed was how attentive the dog was to her
Casey Oliver @MamaPhoenix6
@christine_says_ @dollyllamaX @BernieMamorbor @BovarysComplnt @marileeodendahl @_SJPeace_ Plus, the place reporting was a public place. So much could have gone wrong. They needed time to figure out and execute how that was gonna go down without collateral damage. When you think about it, 15 minutes is stellar.
Cheryl Travers @themodforest
@_SJPeace_ When I was young in the 60s my step dad beat my mother every weekend a payday drunk until blood appeared would hold guns 2 her head and every weekend the police would come & ask my mom what she had done:( Finally women r being believed!
Cheryl Travers @themodforest
@_SJPeace_ 9-12 endured this every weekend. His last time I took a sharp meat fork and pinned him 2 the wall with the fork at his throat and said the next time when you sleep I'll put this thru your throat told my mom get a divorce or put us up 4 adoption she picked us
A M Mitchell @oolongsmuse
@themodforest @_SJPeace_ i am so sorry this was your childhood....big big hugs for you!
Cheryl Travers @themodforest
@oolongsmuse @_SJPeace_ Thank you it gave me the fire 2 succeed and push forward I say it's when I grew my steel balls;)
A M Mitchell @oolongsmuse
@themodforest @_SJPeace_ steel balls are quite a trait! live a beautiful and purposeful life. you made it out alive to tell the tale and do better.


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