Seorang seniman asal Birmingham bernama Jon Arton gemar menggambar potrait wajah yang hasilnya mengagumkan
Ternyata banyak orang menyangka ia lakukan gambar gratis dan meminta servisnya lewat internet. Ia membalasnya dengan telak
URL Bored Panda 83968 People Kept Asking This Artist To Draw Them For Free, So He Decided To Teach Them A Lesson You don't walk into a pizza place and demand a free meal because you've heard good things about it. And you certainly don't storm into a football stadium demanding a free ticket because you're a fan of the team. Then why would you contact an artist for a
Trish Menzies @TrishMenzies
@jonarton Ugh I am so sorry people are so fucking terrible... Thinking the world revolves around them and everything should be done for them. Some were so demanding too...I don't know how you kept cool. I love your trolling of them. Bravo! Also your work is lovely :)
Jenny @MenjaMist
@jonarton Haha saw this on bored panda first. It killed me. Awesome response dude. You're an art hero 😂


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