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Lost Medallion @btnwKktdSkbSq2P
New Trailer: ‘Captain Marvel,’ With Brie Larson
The Reel @TheReel_in
‘I’m not what you think I am’: Brie Larson fights humans and aliens in #CaptainMarvel trailer
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Art Frontier Project @artfrontierpro
New Trailer: ‘Captain Marvel,’ With Brie Larson
marisela @marryIopez
marvel’s been getting more dark and i’m honestly here for it. captain marvel looks like it’ll be fun for the most part, but a lot of that trailer seems like it’s gonna be incredibly emotional which if you’ve seen any of brie larson’s work you know she can handle no problem.
Matthew Banks @thedoctor67
First Captain Marvel trailer has FINALLY arrived… via @DigitalSpy OMFG!!!!!!
eunice @eunicedurano
at tumigil ang mundo.. nang mapamuod ko trailer ng captain marvel huhu brie larson anuba.
jonah @dckchz
Bruh, did Brie Larson just coldcock that old lady in the trailer for Captain Marvel or am I trippin lmao
ELLE Magazine (US) @ELLEmagazine
The First Trailer For Brie Larson's 'Captain Marvel' Is Here
srikanth @allnewsforu
Captain Marvel Trailer Introduces Marvel's First Female-Led Superhero Movie
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GAY TIMES @gaytimesmag
Brie Larson punches a pensioner in the first trailer for Captain Marvel.…
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Saad Hameed @SortaAwesome
That Captain Marvel trailer kinda trash. And I really like Brie Larson as an actress but casting her as Captain Marvel? I dunno man. I really don't know.
Esquire @esquire
Watch Brie Larson and a young Samuel L. Jackson in the nostalgia-fueled first trailer.
ahiutech @ahiutech
Captain Marvel Trailer Introduces Marvel's First Female-Led Superhero Movie
Leonard De Candia @LeonardDeCandia
#trailer Captain Marvel (#action #scifi) Gemma Chan, Brie Larson, Mckenna Grace
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Emily @emily_daniel15
There’s only one trailer out and I already hate Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
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