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#edChatRI 8pm EST 9/10/2018

#edChatRI 8pm EST 9/10/2018 Topic - Tech Initiatives in Education
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Welcome back to #edChatRI! This week we will be discussing technology innovation in the classroom. Qs: Please introduce yourself. Where are you from and what is your role in education?

10/09/2018 07:00:00 WIB
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Peter D. Boland @peterdboland

Hello. Peter Boland. ELA Teacher at Beacon Charter High School for the Arts in Woonsocket... hope everyone had a great week!!! #edchatri

10/09/2018 07:01:45 WIB
John Miller @mexusmx

John from Mexico City where I run an international American school. Happy to be chatting with the good folks of #edChatRI

10/09/2018 07:02:10 WIB
Tiffany Colby @colby_colbyt

Hello. My name is Tiffany. I am from western Maine. I teach grade 3 at a public school. #edchatri

10/09/2018 07:02:11 WIB
Jennifer Saarinen @snej80

Howdy! I'm Jennifer. Kickemuit Middle School teacher #bwrsdREADY I am teaching a brand new class called Inquiring Minds! Complete early adopter to using technology to leverage teaching and learning in and out of the classroom. #edChatRI

10/09/2018 07:02:43 WIB
Maeve Murray @maevefmurray

Good evening! Maeve Murray from @HighlanderInst here. Happy I can join this chat for a bit tonight! #FuseRI #edChatRI

10/09/2018 07:02:58 WIB
Christine Bemis @ChristineBemis2

Hi #edChatRI folks. Christine ele tchr from Massachusetts 😊

10/09/2018 07:03:15 WIB
Louise Seitsinger @NPAsstSupt

#edchatri Hello everyone. Louise Seitsinger, Assistant Superintendent, North Providence, RI 😊…

10/09/2018 07:03:26 WIB
Charlie Devaul @educcdevaul

Hi everybody. I'm a student at Indiana University majoring in Secondary Education in History. This semester I'm in a Technology in Education Course. Would it be okay if I participate tonight? #edchatri

10/09/2018 07:03:43 WIB
Jennifer Crandall @teachercrandall

Jen Crandall From Bristol-Warren Kickemuit Middle School- 6th grInclusion teacher+ intensive Intervention teacher #edChatRI

10/09/2018 07:04:02 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@snej80 So glad you could make it. Can't way to have your perspective this week #edchatri

10/09/2018 07:04:13 WIB
John Miller @mexusmx

@Blended_Math Thanks! This definitely helps me gear up for the week ahead. #edChatRI

10/09/2018 07:04:16 WIB
George Evans @kruevans

@mexusmx Would love to join you all on this one but my first period is about to debate the merits of free trade in Japan! #edChatRI

10/09/2018 07:04:50 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

#edChatRI - This is Ray, K-8 Math Instructional Coach from Portsmouth, RI. Check out Episode 3 of the Instant Relevance Podcast (@instantrel) with guest @Kareemfarah23!

10/09/2018 07:05:00 WIB
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Dana Gambardella #embraceliteracy #livetolearn @LiteracyChef

Good evening #edchatri. Reading Specialist from North Providence joining in!

10/09/2018 07:05:06 WIB
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