Nooruddean @BeardedGenius
Scary as fuck weather report. First it's like, ah smart use of green screen, then it's like holy fucking shit. pic.twitter.com/J9SmZqTqVI
Kyle Becker @kylenabecker
@dorseyshaw She totally nails the "what imma bout to show ya is gonna freak you the eff out" pose pic.twitter.com/cPGar0TME8
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William "Hey, just following up here" Gruger @wGruger
@dorseyshaw i watched this 3 times in a row each time thinking more about the sequence of meetings by set designers, video graphics animators and producers that must have happened in order to result in this
William "Hey, just following up here" Gruger @wGruger
@dorseyshaw "we need to feel more like we're IN the hurricane flood, how can we do that?" "are the fish assets in?"
Iain Small @Smally1969
@BeardedGenius "Fish floating around" would be the least of your worries in 9 feet of water!!!!
Luqman Baehaqi @Luqbaehaqi
@pipis Mana boleh.. minimal pundaknya ketutup laah
Umen | TukangPonten™ @umenumen
@pipis Penjelasan CNN Indonesia soal MRT mirip-mirip begini, walau gak sedetail dan rapi ini.


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