God of Green Screen! Animasi dari Berita Ramalan Cuaca ini Bakal Bikin Kamu Takjub Seketika

kebayang nggak kalau acara berita kita kayak gini? @tumbenlucu
Nooruddean @BeardedGenius

Scary as fuck weather report. First it's like, ah smart use of green screen, then it's like holy fucking shit. pic.twitter.com/J9SmZqTqVI

14/09/2018 04:07:50 WIB
Kyle Becker 🇺🇸 @kylenabecker

@dorseyshaw She totally nails the "what imma bout to show ya is gonna freak you the eff out" pose pic.twitter.com/cPGar0TME8

14/09/2018 05:45:08 WIB
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William "Hey, just following up here" Gruger @wGruger

@dorseyshaw i watched this 3 times in a row each time thinking more about the sequence of meetings by set designers, video graphics animators and producers that must have happened in order to result in this

14/09/2018 03:39:20 WIB
William "Hey, just following up here" Gruger @wGruger

@dorseyshaw "we need to feel more like we're IN the hurricane flood, how can we do that?" "are the fish assets in?"

14/09/2018 03:42:12 WIB
Iain Small @Smally1969

@BeardedGenius "Fish floating around" would be the least of your worries in 9 feet of water!!!!

14/09/2018 05:39:43 WIB
ORANG TENGAH @Luqbaehaqi

@pipis Mana boleh.. minimal pundaknya ketutup laah

14/09/2018 16:06:46 WIB
Umen pakai masker | TukangPonten™ @umenumen

@pipis Penjelasan CNN Indonesia soal MRT mirip-mirip begini, walau gak sedetail dan rapi ini.

14/09/2018 11:01:16 WIB


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