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Detik-detik Naomi Osaka Taklukkan Juara Dunia Serena Williams dan Terus Menangis Sesudahnya di Kejuaraan Grand Slam

Petenis Jepang berayahkan pria Haiti tersebut mencengangkan dunia
Juwantoro _ ddi @dedifilan

@CNNIndonesia Hebaattt👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 congratulations Naomi🥇

09/09/2018 13:40:45 WIB
Jeff Eisenband @JeffEisenband

.@serenawilliams instructs crowd to stop booing and celebrate @Naomi_Osaka_'s moment of winning her first grand slam. #USOpen

09/09/2018 04:59:11 WIB
US Open Tennis @usopen

The Pride of 🇯🇵! @Naomi_Osaka_ defeats Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 to become the first Japanese player to win a Grand Slam singles title! #USOpen

09/09/2018 04:45:11 WIB
Jordan Steele @jordan26steele

@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Too bad the fans and US Open association couldn’t have shown Osaka some love. Downright despicable. Then leaving her up on the podium all alone? What an embarrassment.

09/09/2018 05:19:04 WIB
The Political Rants @vinod_d007

@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Wow! We simply ❤️ you @Naomi_Osaka_ what an incredible win! Unfortunately the news & @serenawilliams tantrum and awful behaviour is distracting the amazing tennis played by #Osaka is overshadowed! We have a new champ! Enjoy your win Osaka! @BBCBreaking #USOpen @WTA @BBCSport

09/09/2018 05:24:08 WIB
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Kat Lord-Levins @kitkatlord

@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Such a deserved win. Talent triumphs celebrity. This 20 year old not only held her game but also her decorum. True elegance and what the game we love should represent. @Naomi_Osaka_ well done.

09/09/2018 05:25:50 WIB
Lizzy O Brien @BrienLizzy

@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ This was suppose to be a very happy moment, but instead, Serena ruined it!!! Not fair, it’s always about her

09/09/2018 05:29:00 WIB
Margie 🍀🇮🇪 @marjayhan

@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ So happy for you @Naomi_Osaka_ congratulations for keeping your cool and playing professionally . I wish you come back strong from this and don't let the events that ensued ruin your momentum. May there be many more successes after this. You totally deserve it!

09/09/2018 05:35:09 WIB
Monika Kupcekova @MonikaKupcekova

@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Serena and her fans made Naomi apologize for her victory and spoiled her big moment. You shouldn't have allowed such disputes on court.

09/09/2018 05:37:37 WIB
Claire Baxter @clairepbaxter

@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Great job @Naomi_Osaka_ you dominated the match and won decisively! You won she lost. She lost her temper in a very immature manner. You held on through all the theatrics and crowd mayhem. You are a star! I cheered for you!!!

09/09/2018 05:51:23 WIB
Erik Hjort @Yogurtlite

@MonikaKupcekova @usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ That's what gets me really pissed-off. After winning fairly and yet she had to say sorry, feel bad and cry for it. Where is sportsmanship? A real shame, something I have never seen before.

09/09/2018 06:22:01 WIB
Koko @ko2w

Naomi Osaka, pemenang Women US Open. Ibu Jepang Bapak Haiti. Lahir di Osaka. Ada gak ya yang namain anak sesuai kota kelahirannya?

09/09/2018 10:28:26 WIB
FIFI @ravikafifi

@ko2w gimana ya kalau nama anaknya jakarta atau depok? 🧐

09/09/2018 10:30:49 WIB
JOSE @pepinpotato

@ko2w Ada. Teman gue namanya Jonathan Lansing. Lansing nama kota kelahirannya di Michigan, America.

09/09/2018 10:31:47 WIB
N-D4 @InasaF

@ko2w Osaka memang nama keluarga ibunya. Jadi mereka g pakai nama keluarga ayahnya supaya praktis

09/09/2018 10:32:24 WIB
FM Ardiansyah @tweetFariz

@ko2w Gimana kalo Balikpapan dan Palembang bang?

09/09/2018 10:37:39 WIB
Nin 🔥 @perbadmintonan

@ko2w Nama anak tetangga Tuci Anandini, Tuci maksudnya Tuban Cimahi. Ibunya dari Tuban, Bapaknya Cimahi. Anandini pun juga gabungan dari nama orangtuanya 😂

09/09/2018 10:42:19 WIB
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