Dedi Kinara @dedifilan
@CNNIndonesia Hebaattt👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 congratulations Naomi🥇
Jeff Eisenband @JeffEisenband
.@serenawilliams instructs crowd to stop booing and celebrate @Naomi_Osaka_'s moment of winning her first grand slam. #USOpen pic.twitter.com/LOAyB42OmQ
US Open Tennis @usopen
The Pride of 🇯🇵! @Naomi_Osaka_ defeats Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 to become the first Japanese player to win a Grand Slam singles title! #USOpen pic.twitter.com/sNilrZOaNU
Jordan Steele @jordan26steele
@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Too bad the fans and US Open association couldn’t have shown Osaka some love. Downright despicable. Then leaving her up on the podium all alone? What an embarrassment.
Vinod @vinod_d007
@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Wow! We simply ❤️ you @Naomi_Osaka_ what an incredible win! Unfortunately the news & @serenawilliams tantrum and awful behaviour is distracting the amazing tennis played by #Osaka is overshadowed! We have a new champ! Enjoy your win Osaka! @BBCBreaking #USOpen @WTA @BBCSport pic.twitter.com/ig1I0SJOV2
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Kat Lord-Levins @kitkatlord
@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Such a deserved win. Talent triumphs celebrity. This 20 year old not only held her game but also her decorum. True elegance and what the game we love should represent. @Naomi_Osaka_ well done.
Lizzy O Brien @BrienLizzy
@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ This was suppose to be a very happy moment, but instead, Serena ruined it!!! Not fair, it’s always about her
Margie 19.COM @marjayhan
@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ So happy for you @Naomi_Osaka_ congratulations for keeping your cool and playing professionally . I wish you come back strong from this and don't let the events that ensued ruin your momentum. May there be many more successes after this. You totally deserve it!
Monika Kupcekova @MonikaKupcekova
@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Serena and her fans made Naomi apologize for her victory and spoiled her big moment. You shouldn't have allowed such disputes on court.
Claire Baxter @clairepbaxter
@usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ Great job @Naomi_Osaka_ you dominated the match and won decisively! You won she lost. She lost her temper in a very immature manner. You held on through all the theatrics and crowd mayhem. You are a star! I cheered for you!!!
Erik Hjort @Yogurtlite
@MonikaKupcekova @usopen @Naomi_Osaka_ That's what gets me really pissed-off. After winning fairly and yet she had to say sorry, feel bad and cry for it. Where is sportsmanship? A real shame, something I have never seen before.
Koko @ko2w
Naomi Osaka, pemenang Women US Open. Ibu Jepang Bapak Haiti. Lahir di Osaka. Ada gak ya yang namain anak sesuai kota kelahirannya? pic.twitter.com/ee8w2nQ38E
FIFI @ravikafifi
@ko2w gimana ya kalau nama anaknya jakarta atau depok? 🧐
JOSE @pepinpotato
@ko2w Ada. Teman gue namanya Jonathan Lansing. Lansing nama kota kelahirannya di Michigan, America.
zooey @InasaF
@ko2w Osaka memang nama keluarga ibunya. Jadi mereka g pakai nama keluarga ayahnya supaya praktis
FM Ardiansyah @tweetFariz
@ko2w Gimana kalo Balikpapan dan Palembang bang?
Nin🔥 @nindyawh_
@ko2w Nama anak tetangga Tuci Anandini, Tuci maksudnya Tuban Cimahi. Ibunya dari Tuban, Bapaknya Cimahi. Anandini pun juga gabungan dari nama orangtuanya 😂
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