@LibertyLynx discovers Nadim Kobeissi (Kaepora)'s kp connection

The connections between the Anonymous cybercrime milieu of Nadim Kobeissi (kaepora) and the child pornography internet "Darknet" underground exposed once again.
=^..^= @LibertyLynx
Thank you to @pgpboard for posting this interesting info abt @kaepora http://t.co/jjyevLx6 #Anonymous=criminals of the worst sort.
Alan Taylor @PGPBOARD
@LibertyLynx @kaepora Welcome.. however, you will probably be blocked now; he does not like any commentary concerning this subject 2b outed.
Alan Taylor @PGPBOARD
Is The US Government inadvertently funding kiddie porn via a paid Tor consultant Formless LLC see: http://t.co/QitluBlP #pgpboard


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