Khalil Laher @khalillaher
Liverpool FC footballer Sadio Mane cleaning the mosque toilets and wudhu area. mA #humbling pic.twitter.com/eNIxZzSLTf
WAZ @Waz612
@khalillaher Why is the image shaking so much bro?
Akki @Akki_SwagMan
@GrizzKhan @khalillaher What a guy! Don’t think I can like the guy anymore.
Grizz @GrizzKhan
@Akki_SwagMan @khalillaher I’m going round his house very soon inshallah ..he’s invited someone I know very well for a BBQ 😍 you won’t find a more humble man
steven w @StevenLfc10
@khalillaher @KaranSinghUka Imagine not liking mane, class player and a gentleman.
RAHEEM @mrolamideraheem
@khalillaher I dont expect anything less he is from senegal and they are always class and humble #TOPBLOKE


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