Momen Saat JK Bersin Ketika Memberi Pidato Closing Ceremony Asian Games 2018, Kata Netizen Itu Kode Biar GBK Dibersihin

kode, kata netizen
Ririn Riandini @ririnriandini

Pak JK bersin itu kode biar sehabis acara nanti semuanya suruh bersin supaya GBK gak kotor.

02/09/2018 19:53:06 WIB
The Greatest Voice Podcast @JTthepodcaster

@froyongs Hella random, trust me i know.. But God gifted me with the GREATEST SPEAKING VOICE  on YouTube (seriously) can you  please RETWEET becauseI am trying to achieve my goal of being best Broadcaster ever!🙏 👇👇…

02/09/2018 20:06:03 WIB
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