Super Junior Rehearsal di Panggung Penutupan #AsianGames2018

siapa yang sedang nonton super junior sekarang?
kaye @hyukjaesjaw

super junior rehearsal for asian games.... wait, so they’re allowed to watch already wow😯

01/09/2018 21:16:36 WIB
Nam🍑 (Hiatus) @ilsamilgob

@hyukjaesjaw I guess those are the AG volunteers? Me so envious of them 🙃🙃🙃

01/09/2018 21:20:56 WIB
ɢᴇᴇ @forhae

@hyukjaesjaw it must be asian games voluteers ahhh so lucky ;___;

01/09/2018 21:21:51 WIB
kaye @hyukjaesjaw

@forhae yaaa it could be! but you’ll see them so sooon geeee aahhh🙈

01/09/2018 21:24:06 WIB
케이티 @TheGIJo

@hyukjaesjaw @onlyneorago Wow that didnt felt like a rehearsal at all!

01/09/2018 21:42:52 WIB
maerin ~ #StarryNight 💫 @leemaerin

@hyukjaesjaw Why are they having a mini event ... ow. Its a rehearsal.

01/09/2018 21:51:43 WIB
bil @sujuhoes

@hyukjaesjaw im regretting my whole life bcs i decided not to apply as volunteers.

01/09/2018 22:02:21 WIB
V @taehyungzq

@hyukjaesjaw Tau gitu, balik OH aing langsung meluncur GBK aja padahal 😌 @SellyRiyani99

01/09/2018 23:48:31 WIB
off @gyustarcraft

@hyukjaesjaw No. My city so far huhu i stay tune on tv

02/09/2018 00:19:10 WIB

@hyukjaesjaw @Classyys rehearsal??? It's mini concert!!! Woy bangsat anjirr parah sumpahhh!!! AKSJGSIMJDNKX

02/09/2018 06:00:30 WIB
tam 21 @calonipb21

@hyukjaesjaw Do u have another video like this about suju rehearsal for ag?

02/09/2018 07:04:42 WIB


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