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Wow! Selain Nikahan dan PreWed, Profesi Sebagai Fotografer Perceraian Juga Ada Untuk Rayakan Hidup Baru Usai Cerai

ternyata fotografer untuk pasangan cerai juga ada
comedycentral @ComedyCentral

When the "I dos" become "I don'ts," this divorce photographer is there. #MiniMocks

30/08/2018 01:30:00 WIB

Divorce photographer is real ! wedding no more 😰

30/08/2018 11:40:09 WIB
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Imabae Senepe @Imabae_senepe

TF?? Divorce photographer 😂😂😂😂😂I give up…

30/08/2018 05:59:14 WIB
Azizul Hakim @az2593

I wanna be a divorce photographer so bad now! Onek poysha o kamabo!…

30/08/2018 13:05:59 WIB
Anandeiva Amanda @Deiva_AKS

ternyata ada pekerjaan divorce photographer XD pengalamannya kocak wkwkwkwk

30/08/2018 13:10:52 WIB
... @acqkwardly

there is such thing as divorce photographer. grabelang

30/08/2018 20:04:11 WIB


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