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'Ternyata Spider-Man Itu Wanita Pakai Jilbab' Muslim Amerika Terkagum Lihat Aksi Aries Susanti Atlet Climbing Yang Menang Medali Emas #AsianGames2018

Dibilang Spider-Man sesungguhnya
Salah satu atlet yang menyumbangkan medali untuk Indonesia di Asian Games 2018 adalah Aries Susanti dan Puji Lestari
Wibowo Prasetyo @wprasetyo73

Alhamdulillah, tim putri Indonesia 1: Puji Lestari, Aries Susanti Rahayu, dan Rajiah Sallsabillah, Fitriyani, berhasil mengalahkan tim panjat tebing China 1 dan meraih emas. Bangga Indonesia! #AsianGames2018 #AyoIndonesia #sportclimbing

27/08/2018 21:56:05 WIB
Laksamana S.W.A.G. @WarlordSwag

Selamat Aries Susanti Rahayu, Puji Lestari, Rajiah Sallsabillah, & Fitriyani atas raihan medali emas ke-21 utk kontingen Indonesia, di cabang olahraga Panjat Tebing, kategori Estafet Putri #MedaliEmas #AsianGames2018 #EnergyofAsia #AyoIndonesia #IndonesiaJuara #Jakarta #Palembang

28/08/2018 13:48:42 WIB
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Ternyata penampilan keduanya menarik perhatian netizen luar negri. Seorang muslim Amerika mengomentari keduanya bagai superhero Spider-Man
✖ Carly A. B. ✖ @Zombiecarly

@MuslimIQ I blinked and I nearly missed it. She's amazing!

28/08/2018 19:41:23 WIB
Hani NHK @hanitje

@MuslimIQ I hope you post more about our hijab sisters (and everyone, basically!) at the Asian Games. They have done really well in every competitions! Also, the opening ceremony was spectacular!

28/08/2018 19:43:07 WIB
Parbudi Nurrachmanto @nurrachmanto

@MuslimIQ It is actually in the event of ASIAN Country games in JAKARTA. Indeed prior to this event, this spider lady achieved 1st winner of Worldwide Cup event in China

28/08/2018 20:35:48 WIB
Tri Pambudi @PambudiTri

@MuslimIQ You must see the Final Stage! There are 2 sisters wearing hijab got Gold and Silver Medal!

28/08/2018 21:18:40 WIB
Lia Kamellia @cikray

@agunsux @MuslimIQ @PambudiTri The gold winner is also the World Champion. She won it last May.

28/08/2018 21:45:01 WIB
Bukan Urusan Saya! @yudipr

@cikray @agunsux @MuslimIQ @PambudiTri Both of them are from Indonesia, aren't they? Proud ... 👍👍👍

28/08/2018 21:57:11 WIB
Tri Pambudi @PambudiTri

@yudipr @cikray @agunsux @MuslimIQ Yes, both are Indonesian. In Semifinal there are competitors from China. Also from Iran..

28/08/2018 21:58:43 WIB
Hani NHK @hanitje

@MuslimIQ Her name is Aries Susanti from Indonesia aka The SpiderWoman. She just won a gold medal today in Asian Games 2018 (Speed Rock Climbing competition). She beat a lot of competitors from different countries for the fastest climber. Check out her videos/google her

28/08/2018 22:18:24 WIB
Qasim Rashid for Congress @QasimRashid

Omg! Spider-Woman multi verse! Seriously though all Indonesian Hijab sister championship. This is awesome.

28/08/2018 22:31:18 WIB
Susan Doyle @SusanDoyle1963

@MuslimIQ They are amazing!!!! I would still be on the first rung trying to figure out where to go as either of them were on their way back down....sigh

28/08/2018 22:38:12 WIB
Hani NHK @hanitje

@MuslimIQ Let me tell their names 🙂 the winner is Aries Susanti and the runner up is Puji Lestari from Indonesia. They were in the final competing with each other for Asian Games 2018, and they are fantastic.

28/08/2018 22:36:25 WIB


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