wolipop @wolipop
Deretan Wanita Cantik Posting Foto Pose Tersungkur yang Tren di Instagram detik.id/VUX1FS pic.twitter.com/jMKIIFzHbj
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AMonpoint Blog [www.AMonpointV.com] @amonpointblog
‘Falling Stars Challenge’: Check Out The Weird Craze Currently Taking Over The Internet (Photos) amonpointtv.com/2018/08/16/fal… pic.twitter.com/GlqzZYDVrH
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Bitchin' Science @bitchinscience
The latest bizarre Instagram trend – the Falling Stars challenge dlvr.it/Qg9VQj pic.twitter.com/0dusHmNPYO
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Bernadette Moultrie @sunni2967
"'Falling stars challenge' is a morbid new Instagram trend" via FOX NEWS ift.tt/2nLilDa pic.twitter.com/ZwV8kU9ojr
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New York Post @nypost
‘Falling Stars Challenge’ is the internet’s weirdest new craze nyp.st/2BhvrSr pic.twitter.com/zbixaJQJ4T
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