MALIK @Malik__Abbas
So there is a sand storm happening here in Mina and part of our tent looks like it's about to collapse...........
MALIK @Malik__Abbas
The winds from this storm in Mecca totally split the cloth of the Kaaba SubhanAllah. It also flooded Arafat and Muzdalifa the 2 places we are heading next☺
A$AP Ahmad @ibnZoldyck
guys the winds in Mecca have removed the cloth of the Kaaba SubhanAllah
عمرفاروق صادق @UmarfarukSadik
The wind blows the Qiswah (covering cloth of the Ka'bah) revealing the second door of the Ka'bah that was built by Abdullaah bin Al-Zubair which was subsequently ordered closed by Hajjaaj bin Yusuf when the Ummayyad Dynasty took control of Makkah. pic.twitter.com/xxZH3W7vZs
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Channel Islam Int @channelislam
Shukr the strong winds has subsided in #Makkah #Mina #Arafah this video was taken about an hour ago #Hajj #Hajj2018 #hajj1439 pic.twitter.com/eO8XcqyQaw
_ @partialninja
@UmarfarukSadik Wow. I never knew that it existed! Was there any reason why they closed it? Was it built before or after Rasulullah’s SAW’s death?
Paman Donal Lagi Mara-Mara @ALtheDiscreet
Abdullah bin Zubair bin Awwam, anak dari Zubair bin Awwam dan Asma binti Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq. Khalifah yang terlupakan. Hajjaj bin Yusuf, panglima Bani Umayyah yang memerangi ibn Zubair. Dan tidak segan-segan memborbardir Kabah dengan Manjanik. twitter.com/UmarfarukSadik…
FOA @alagakemi
@UmarfarukSadik I never knew this. Thanks for the information. Subhanallah.

Angin kencang sedang melanda Mekah.

TRT World Now @TRTWorldNow
In Mecca, winds and heavy rain have greeted some of the early Hajj pilgrims arriving in Mount Arafat pic.twitter.com/WqUStx0Ctd


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