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Jawaban Seorang Perempuan Ketika Ditanya Kenapa Masih Single: "Aku Tidak Memilih Menjadi Single. Aku memilih Untuk Tidak Memiliki Pernikahan yg Tidak Bahagia"

menurutmu bagaimana guys?
Shaykh Azhar Nasser @ShaykhAzhar

A few days ago I had a conversation with a family friend about marriage and how she handles the constant “why are you still single?” question. Her answer was this: “I didn’t choose to be single. I chose not to be in an unhappy marriage.” I think we need to let this sink in

16/08/2018 02:59:40 WIB
smk @fedexfan1

@ShaykhAzhar People are vicious in such gossips !

16/08/2018 04:18:06 WIB
Cee Kay @ess_rgee5

@ShaykhAzhar Please desi parents read, and absorb this.

16/08/2018 04:43:24 WIB
Paddy Outback @PaddyOutback

@ShaykhAzhar Some things are the same in every culture. As a single, 36 year old Irishman with an Irish Mother, I hear this all the time! I just say that my life is fantastic as it is!

16/08/2018 05:22:29 WIB
Zulfi Jawad @pen1cillin

@ShaykhAzhar She presumes marriage will make her unhappy. This may not necessarily be true however in her case it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy until her mindset changes. Isnt this simply a reflection of the modern age - that we shouldn’t marry until at least past age 30 ?

16/08/2018 07:06:04 WIB
Besma Soltan @BesmaSoltan

@pen1cillin @ShaykhAzhar Not necessarily. It's not marriage that will make her unhappy. It's marrying someone for the sake of marriage, and not because of compatibility etc, that will make her unhappy

16/08/2018 08:11:51 WIB
Paddy Outback @PaddyOutback

@firdamalya @ShaykhAzhar Exactly. You don't need another person to make you happy or to make your life complete. That stuff is down to you alone. If it's with someone, all good. If not, still all good!

16/08/2018 09:09:42 WIB
chota waqar @WaqarMustafavi

@ShaykhAzhar It seems that she is neutral with her choice so far...i would say that she should be very choosy...very tentetive and fearfull...since its a devinily beloved behaviour to enter into a nikah so she trust her Lord and make a decision...

16/08/2018 09:23:33 WIB
Firda @firdamalya

@PaddyOutback @ShaykhAzhar wait until you hear reply someone citing on religions thing, lol. as a 36 y o woman living in Asia, culturally families will always ask me when i want to settle down and married, but then you just need to answer when the time is right, cause right now it is you with your life.

16/08/2018 09:27:01 WIB
گفتار کا غازی @rebel_beliver

@ShaykhAzhar @arifaBatool Good for her, but no marriage ever came with a happily ever after guaranteed

16/08/2018 09:40:21 WIB
©️AussieYazzie 🇳🇿🇹🇷😷 @AussieYazz

@ShaykhAzhar This person will give noone a chance. If we're going to live in fear what's the use? Divorce is an option you know.

16/08/2018 10:20:30 WIB
Paddy Outback @PaddyOutback

@firdamalya @ShaykhAzhar I feel that women have to deal with this way more than men. "Where are my grandchildren!" and all that!

16/08/2018 11:05:47 WIB
ManofWords @DanIvy4

@ShaykhAzhar I agree with her. It's okay to take a bit more time and carefully choose considering you will spend the rest of time and share almost everything with your life partner.

16/08/2018 11:10:16 WIB


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