Ketika badai hujan sedang terjadi, sebuah jembatan setinggi 45 meter ambruk di Genoa, Italia. Jatuhnya jembatan ini memakan korban 35 orang
CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk
A highway bridge has collapsed during a violent storm in Genoa, Italy. It is not clear whether any cars were traveling on the bridge at the time. cnn.it/2P8ruCo pic.twitter.com/yQLOnZIcWw
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BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Genoa motorway bridge collapse likely to be "immense tragedy", Italian transport minister says, with unconfirmed reports of many casualties bbc.in/2Bgynyq pic.twitter.com/AEsN4brUsk
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ITV News @itvnews
“Oh god, oh, god.” Bystander heard screaming as he witnesses a 200-metre section of a major bridge in Genoa collapse bit.ly/2nA8PCV pic.twitter.com/yCpE09Cfj3
euronews @euronews
A witness captured these images from his office moments after the collapse of a bridge in Genoa, Italy pic.twitter.com/GigjmgPX3J
Antonello Guerrera @antoguerrera
OMG. An aeral view of the tragedy in #Genoa, where a major motorway bridge has collapsed. This is appalling. #Italy via @belcastrotw pic.twitter.com/jodF6eIUP8
Carlo Gianuzzi @bonhomme69
Genova, Italy. Another chilling image from my native region: a lorry stops meters from the gap left by a stretch of the suspension bridge which collapsed on the A10 motorway in Genoa this morning. #morandi pic.twitter.com/w2GpIMl5iU
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