Rekaman Mengerikan Truk Besar Lewati Jembatan Ala Jembatan James Bond di Banten

Sukses bikin adrenalin mendadak naik drastis

@SafetyFlrst @philvickerytv HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Would not have done that for all the tea in China,

13/08/2018 22:49:14 WIB
RSLN 🇦🇱 @arsmaxx

@SafetyFlrst classic turkish work :P hes saying "friends we are passing the rope bridge with 25 tonnes"

13/08/2018 23:20:53 WIB
Vivek @viviiyer

@SafetyFlrst @Gopalee67 The fool did it cos he didn't know it was impossible!

14/08/2018 00:19:07 WIB
Hannah Baxter @bewareoftheleap

@SafetyFlrst @Reddevilfox I'd be scared to walk over it let alone drive over it in that!

14/08/2018 02:17:07 WIB


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