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#edChatRI 8pm EST 8/12/2018

#edChatRI 8pm EST 8/12/2018 Topic - Growth Mindsets
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Welcome to #edChatRI. We will be discussing gatekeepers in education tonight. Questions: Please introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what your role is in education

13/08/2018 07:00:00 WIB
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Ms. Jachymiak @MsJachymiak

Hello. My name is Susan, and I am a 1st year teacher from IL. #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:01:41 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Oops! We are discussing a GROWTH MINDSET tonight! Sorry... #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:01:43 WIB
Tiffany Colby @colby_colbyt

Good evening. I'm Tiffany from Maine. I am a 3rd grade teacher. #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:01:49 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Ray, 7th Grade Math Teacher in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Writer at @eschoolnews and @edu_post. @TeachPlusRI Policy Fellow. @HighlanderInst #FuseRI Classroom Coach. Blogger at #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:02:00 WIB
Michael Abramczyk @_on11

Hey #edchatri! This is Michael A. from #122edchat in Chicago. #STEM Facilitator to the stars for @SmartLab_tweets from @Simmonsknights1.

13/08/2018 07:02:40 WIB
Gretchen Dorn @gdorn1

Hi, Gretchen from KY joining in. STEM. #edchatri

13/08/2018 07:03:07 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@colby_colbyt #edchatri Just went camping at Old Orchard Beech this weekend in Maine!

13/08/2018 07:03:13 WIB
Sheldon L. Eakins, Ph.D. @sheldoneakins

Hey everyone, Sheldon here in Idaho. Iโ€™m a #Collegeaccess supervisor. #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:03:30 WIB
Kristen Rhodes Beland @RhodesBeland

@Blended_Math @MsJachymiak Hi Ray! Kristen Beland here! Elementary Educator from RI. Favorite place on earth is the beach! #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:04:06 WIB
Terry Janes @Teachintjay

#edchatri Hey! I'm Terry from AL where I teach 4th grade. First time here

13/08/2018 07:05:23 WIB
Tammi Mueller @tjggmueller

Tammi -first grade teacher from Iowa. This is my first time on this chat, but I love talking about growth mindset! #edchatRI

13/08/2018 07:05:37 WIB
Yanaiza Gallant @YanaizaGallant

Hey all!! Yanaiza Gallant. Lead Learner at Orlo Avenue Elementary in East Providence RI! Excited for tonight's topic ๐Ÿค“ #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:06:00 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@loliveira55 Thanks for coming back and representing Aquidneck Island! #edchatri

13/08/2018 07:06:19 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@tjggmueller I can't wait to get a perspective from the lower grades! #edchatri

13/08/2018 07:06:41 WIB
Jennifer Graham @grahamjennifer2

#edChatRI Greetings all! Jen Graham here! Secondary Technology and Intervention Coach in East Providence!

13/08/2018 07:07:01 WIB
Kristen Lyon @SrtaLyon

Hello! Kristen Lyon Spanish teacher former school counselor Middletown HS #edChatRI

13/08/2018 07:07:10 WIB
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