Pernah Lihat Alat Pembuka Kaleng? Ternyata Masih Banyak yang Tak Tahu Kalau Cara Memakainya Bukan Seperti yang Selama Ini Dilakukan Orang-orang

Drizzy's Wife @denizyazgan_

@reauxgoldnkrys Americans clearly do things differently...this is how it’s always been done😂

11/08/2018 14:31:37 WIB
Screaming Inside My Heart 🍩 @EBlumberg11

@reauxgoldnkrys OMG I have to go open a can and see if this is some kind of internet hoax or what.

12/08/2018 02:13:32 WIB
YourFavBlackAuntie @greendoondoon

@denizyazgan_ @alexdaniyoung @reauxgoldnkrys I live in the U.K. and y’all open cans the same damned way. Quit playing.

12/08/2018 03:16:23 WIB
Joe @PhonesAkimbo

@EBlumberg11 @reauxgoldnkrys I run downstairs eager to try it... Almost every can in my cupboard. 🙄

12/08/2018 02:33:56 WIB
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Joe @PhonesAkimbo

@child_genius1 @EBlumberg11 @reauxgoldnkrys Damn... It worked. It was a little rough around the pull tab until it popped off tho. 👍

12/08/2018 11:23:43 WIB
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Joe @PhonesAkimbo

@brimshae @child_genius1 @EBlumberg11 @reauxgoldnkrys @OwnTheLibsBot TBH it didn't occur to me until I noticed Joe's tweet. It was wonderful Twitter randomness. How many times has this gotten people in trouble tho? That guy...…

12/08/2018 14:20:11 WIB
Carrie @saynepsycho

@DvmnD_ @libra1girl @reauxgoldnkrys @stacisofetch I sacrificed the canilinni beans lol it works and my leftie can do it, which he couldnt the other way lol

12/08/2018 07:58:41 WIB


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