#Facebook #Twitter and #SocialMedia addiction

If you are reading this, you are part of the social media community. But are you addicted to it?
melissa @_melissaj_

A whole week since deactivating Facebook,I broke the FB addiction with ease

27/01/2012 15:51:43 WIB
Shri Shivam @TheAshesOfSoul

Twitter and Facebook addiction causes the same changes in the brain that are seen in cocaine users...

27/01/2012 15:41:43 WIB
Laura @Laura_Rae

I have such a terrible addiction of facebook & twitter before sleeping. Its like my bedtime story.

27/01/2012 12:43:50 WIB
End. @Al0neeeee

FaceBook turned into Myspace, so Twitter & Tumblr are my new addiction.

27/01/2012 10:50:06 WIB

Another recent survey shows that teenagers are spending too much time on their smartphones and/or the internet.

The social network community is becoming more real than ever.

You can even check the social media online survey.

The virtual friends and contacts can become real!

Clearly, all these network platforms are becoming part of people's lives: either to chat or to exchange ideas, photos, opinions and even meet up.

Facebook and Twitter being the top 2 - Google+ following closely and maybe even taking over...

A few years ago, and that's rather worrying, some computer users suffered from RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries).

An RSI occurs when stress is placed on a joint, pulling on the tendons and muscles around the joint. When the stress occurs repeatedly, the body does not have time to recover and becomes irritated. The body reacts to the irritation by increasing the amount of fluid in that area to reduce the stress placed on the tendon or muscle.

In some particular cases, it was even considered as a work related injury and consequently registered as an accident at work!

But Social Media is becoming more present in our daily lives and could well be the 21st century new way of meeting new people on a global scale.


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