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#edChatRI 8pm EST 8/5/2018

#edChatRI 8pm EST 8/5/2018 Topic - Gatekeepers in education
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Welcome to #edChatRI. We will be discussing gatekeepers in education tonight. Questions: Please introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what your role is in education

06/08/2018 07:00:00 WIB
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Gretchen Dorn @gdorn1

Hi, Gretchen from KY joining in. STEM. #edchatri

06/08/2018 07:01:50 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Ray, 7th Grade Math Teacher from Rhode Island. Writer at @eschoolnews and @edu_post. @TeachPlusRI Policy Fellow. @HighlanderInst #FuseRI Classroom Coach. Blogger at #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:03:00 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Question 1 - What is your definition of a gatekeeper? Who/what are some gatekeepers in education? #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:08:00 WIB
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Dale Chu @Dale_Chu

HAPPENING NOW: @Blended_Math hosting a chat on gatekeepers. Follow along at #edChatRI!

06/08/2018 07:09:59 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

#edChatRI - Q1 - A gatekeeper is something or someone keeping you from a goal. In education, high stakes testing (ACT, SAT) is often a gatekeeper. Teachers are also gatekeepers because they give grades. Many times money and societal status is a gatekeeper as well.

06/08/2018 07:10:00 WIB
Linda Edwards @LindaEdwardsi

A1 Gatekeepers are high level powers that be that tend to be making the decisions of where education is going #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:10:15 WIB
Kristen Sevinsky @KristenSevinsky

Kristen here from PA. I teach 6th grade physical science. #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:10:20 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@LindaEdwardsi Glad you could make it... Who are these gatekeepers pulling the levers of education and making these decisions? #edchatri

06/08/2018 07:11:55 WIB
Gretchen Dorn @gdorn1

A1. A gatekkeeper is one who leads you to the knowledge and helps you find the way, but doesn't give it away directly and makes you find it! Teachers, Principals, Supt. #edchatri

06/08/2018 07:13:01 WIB
Craig Shapiro @Shapiro_WTHS

A1 - To me a gate keeper is a person who keeps you safe, guides you in the right direction and provides mentor ship. #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:14:42 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Question 2 - As teachers/educators, we are gatekeepers of knowledge for our students. How can we change our roles in the classroom from gatekeeper to guide? #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:16:00 WIB
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Craig Shapiro @Shapiro_WTHS

A1b - I believe it can be anyone. Teacher, admin, parent and even students. #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:16:13 WIB
Elizabeth Hajder @BethHajder

A1 Gatekeepers control what is happening. In education, politics and policies are gatekeepers. Politics brought about high stakes testing and the politicians hold the purse strings. #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:16:42 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@Shapiro_WTHS I like the positive spin on this. Often times people think of gatekeepers as things keeping people from their goals. I like how you looked at this as someone who leads you to those goals. #edchatri

06/08/2018 07:16:55 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

#edChatRI - Q2 - I think the first step is by instilling a #growthmindset in our students and changing over to mastery based grading. We need to let our students know that they are ultimately in charge of their own learning and that they hold their own keys to knowledge.

06/08/2018 07:18:00 WIB
Linda Edwards @LindaEdwardsi

A2 I don’t really look at educators as gatekeeper of knowledge more like facilitator, guide, model a person who shares knowledge and leadership #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:18:33 WIB
Elizabeth Hajder @BethHajder

A2 We have to be open to suggestions and show our students that we are still learning as well. Teachers don’t have all the answers and we should not pretend to. #edChatRI

06/08/2018 07:19:07 WIB
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