"Makhluk paling kejam di atas bumi ini ya manusia" Video Menu Ikan Disayat Hidup-hidup Ini Dikecam Warganet

Ada cara yang lebih baik, lebih sopan dan lebih menghormati kehidupan, meskipun seekor ikan
m @920401

@MothershipSG Thats freaking unhygienic as well

03/08/2018 14:14:17 WIB
I Heart AdamLambert @ModestyChild

@MothershipSG This is beyond cruel. It is downright barbaric 😭😭😭

03/08/2018 15:50:28 WIB
yanifadjri @s_fadjriyani

@MothershipSG Makhluk paling kejam diatas bumi ini ya manusia.

03/08/2018 15:57:16 WIB
Drama King @JalanLuru5

@MothershipSG If you want to eat it, don't make it suffer. At least have some decency.

03/08/2018 16:07:27 WIB
Kong @nolfolks

@MothershipSG I sincerely wishes someday some alien will do the same on these idiots....Pray

03/08/2018 18:01:00 WIB

@MothershipSG That's beyond cruel :( It's so sad that people still do that

03/08/2018 18:48:44 WIB
calcie @calciieum

@MothershipSG Not only is this cruel but this is highly nsfw to watch ksjdklghkjd

03/08/2018 19:35:32 WIB
Drama King @JalanLuru5

@itsDyMz @MothershipSG Fish feel pain, they can feel their body. Whether they can or can't feel pain, slicing their flesh bit by bit while alive is cruel and looks barbaric, it's unneeded. peta.org/issues/animals…

04/08/2018 06:04:44 WIB
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