#edChatRI 07/22/18

#edChatRI Twitter Chat about mentoring in the teaching profession.
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Raymond Steinmetz (BlendedLearningMath) @Blended_Math
Welcome to #edChatRI. We will be discussing mentoring in the teaching profession. Questions: bit.ly/edChatRI-July22 Please introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what you do in education. pic.twitter.com/87wNmXPrp8
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š“›š“¾š“²š“¼ š“žš“µš“²š“暝“®š“²š“»š“Ŗ @loliveira55
Hello #edChatRI. My name is Luis and Iā€™m a HS ELL teacher, tech coach, and Director in Middletown, RI.
Keri @kerisavoca
Hello! Keri from NYC. ESL teacher/instructional coach. Founder of #ECSchat (thanks for participating in the first one @Blended_Math!). #EdChatRI twitter.com/blended_math/sā€¦
Raymond Steinmetz (BlendedLearningMath) @Blended_Math
Ray, 7th grade math teacher from Rhode Island. @TeachPlusRI Policy Fellow, and #FuseRI Classroom Coach for @HighlanderInst. Columnist at @eschoolnews. Guest blogger at @edu_post. Follow me at blendedlearniningmath.com #edchatri
Kristen Lyon @SrtaLyon
Hi, Kristen Lyon Spanish teacher and former school counselor Middletown HS RI #edchatri
Raymond Steinmetz (BlendedLearningMath) @Blended_Math
@kerisavoca Thanks for having me! I'll make sure and join next week too, if I can get my kids to bed in time. #edChatRI
Gretchen Dorn @gdorn1
Hi, Gretchen from KY joining in. STEM. #edchatri
Christine Bemis @ChristineBemis2
Hello #edChatRI folks~ Christine from Massachusetts šŸ˜Š
Jenn Murgo @JenniferMurgo
A1) most powerful mentoring exp. was accidental. Growing up with 2 parents as educators I listened and learned so much from their daily conversations about teaching, and was able so sit in on my mom's classes during college. She taught me what good teaching is. #edChatRI
Raymond Steinmetz (BlendedLearningMath) @Blended_Math
@JenniferMurgo #edChatRI - Just curious - were your parents supportive of your decision to be an educator? I had some family members who were teachers try to talk me out of being a teacher when I made the switch.
Keri @kerisavoca
@loliveira55 Hello! Also a HS ELL teacher but moving to elementary next year. #EdChatRI
Raymond Steinmetz (BlendedLearningMath) @Blended_Math
Question 1: Describe the most impactful mentoring experience that you have had in your teaching/educator career. Was it voluntary or involuntary mentoring? #edChatRI pic.twitter.com/zqRkf4dUKI
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Keri @kerisavoca
@Blended_Math @JenniferMurgo I get the evil eye if I even entertain the idea of leaving education for something else #edChatRI
Raymond Steinmetz (BlendedLearningMath) @Blended_Math
@JenniferMurgo #edChatRI - That's great to hear. There is often such negativity from veteran educators.
Tiffany Colby @colby_colbyt
My most impactful mentoring experience was by a special education director. I was teaching special ed at the time. She guided me to think deeper rather than telling me all of the answers. #edchatri
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