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#edChatRI 8pm EST 7/15/2018

#edChatRI 8pm EST 7/15/2018 Topic - Advocating for the teaching profession.
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Welcome to #edChatRI! We will be discussing advocating for the teaching profession. Here are the questions: Please introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what you do in education.

16/07/2018 07:00:00 WIB
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Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

I apologize for the link saying June instead of July. It was too late to change the link once I noticed the mistake! #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:01:07 WIB
Jeff Remington @Sci_Rem

Greetings : ) . Jeff from Pennsylvania. STEM teacher and National STEM Teacher Ambassador (Advocate) #edchatri

16/07/2018 07:01:52 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Ray, 7th grade math teacher from Rhode Island. @TeachPlusRI Policy Fellow, and #FuseRI Classroom Coach for @HighlanderInst. Columnist at @eschoolnews and blogger at #edchatri

16/07/2018 07:02:00 WIB
Jennifer Graham @grahamjennifer2

Hi everyone! Jen Graham Secondary Technology and Intervention Coach for East Providence! FUSE Fellow and Happy to be able to join! #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:03:13 WIB
Dale Chu @Dale_Chu

HAPPENING NOW: @Blended_Math hosting a chat on advocating for the teaching profession. Follow along at #edChatRI!

16/07/2018 07:05:00 WIB
Phil Strunk, M.Ed. @MrPStrunk

Phil from Northern Virginia signing in. I teach 7th grade US History II and am the founder of #waledchat (Thurs @ 9pm ET) and Edusations (Youtube). #edchatri

16/07/2018 07:09:10 WIB
Michael Abramczyk @_on11

Hey #edchatRI! This is Michael A. from #122edchat in Chicago. I am an award-winning #STEM Facilitator for @SmartLab_tweets from @Simmonsknights1. Trying my best tonight. Single parenting 4 kids this week. Doing my best to manage a bonfire and pool party.

16/07/2018 07:06:50 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

Question 1: Why do you think that there is a lack of respect for the teaching profession in the United States? Besides summers off. #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:08:01 WIB
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Jennifer Graham @grahamjennifer2

A1: I think one of the biggest challenges we face are misconceptions. I remember my mother helping me my first year teaching setting up my classroom. She was surprised at how long it took to do so and said she just thought teachers came in and classrooms look like that #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:09:09 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@grahamjennifer2 #edChatRI After I changed careers into teaching, it took me a long time to change my family's perception of teaching.

16/07/2018 07:10:36 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

#edChatRI A1: Not everyone had a positive experience with school/teachers in their past - either as a student or as a parent. It becomes easy to generalize based on personal experience. Also, we are public employees, so it is easy to be critical of people who are paid by taxes.

16/07/2018 07:10:00 WIB
Dale Chu @Dale_Chu

@Blended_Math A1: One reason might be the low bar to entry, both for teachers and administrators… #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:10:26 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@Dale_Chu I can't wait to read that! I am going to have my first piece come out on @edu_post this week #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:13:04 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@Dale_Chu Also, what do you think we can do to change this? Will simply making it harder to be a teacher make this better? #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:13:33 WIB
Dale Chu @Dale_Chu

@Blended_Math Great question. Challenge is that if you make it "harder," it's been found that this often keeps people of color out of the profession. There's a tension in where to set the bar. #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:15:58 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@Dale_Chu #edChatRI Maybe more support for those prospective educators is the answer?

16/07/2018 07:23:55 WIB
Raymond Steinmetz @Blended_Math

@Dale_Chu Couldn't agree more. Sometimes it feels like EDU programs are just cash grabs for colleges since they are required for a license #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:29:34 WIB
Dale Chu @Dale_Chu

@Blended_Math Yep. Revenues from ed schools are also sometimes used to subsidize other more expensive programs. #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:31:25 WIB
Tiffany Colby @colby_colbyt

A1: I think that there is a lack of respect because there is little understanding of what teachers do. I also think we live in a day where blame has to be put somewhere. Life can be negative, and education is a focus for that. I also believe there is a political reason. #edchatri

16/07/2018 07:10:49 WIB
Dale Chu @Dale_Chu

@colby_colbyt I agree, Tiffany. Couple that with the fact that everyone has gone through the K-12 system, and you have a lot of professed experts out there. #edChatRI

16/07/2018 07:12:25 WIB
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