Jadi Gunjingan Warganet Manners-nya, Momen Ketika Donald Trump Lupa di Sisi Kirinya Ratu Inggris

Pak Trump, beliau kan cewek. Lagian, beliau ratu, pimpinan negara atuh...

That moment when you forget where you left the Queen of England. #TrumpVisitsUK pic.twitter.com/imCIeOgU1f

13/07/2018 23:39:20 WIB
Samia Shoaib @TheWhackyPaki

@EL4JC Two minutes ago I wanted to strangle him and now I can't stop laughing. What is this man?

13/07/2018 23:45:51 WIB
Replace @Jack @DeLaGoal

@VictoriaLaws9 @TheWhackyPaki @EL4JC He's an empty KFC bucket full of the evil goo from Ghostbusters II that's been microwaved and poured into a suit.

14/07/2018 00:30:11 WIB
Zystra Altbrenger @ZystraA

@DeLaGoal @VictoriaLaws9 @TheWhackyPaki @EL4JC Dude. You just won the internet today. 😂😂😂😂Something I thought was an unsolved mystery. You should answer all questions about life.

14/07/2018 00:32:17 WIB
M. Kioko @Sharobaro_

@ravilusa @JanSwatridge @ZystraA @DeLaGoal @VictoriaLaws9 @TheWhackyPaki @EL4JC Don’t be silly. Your important fossil ‘queen’ can barely walk and it’s somehow Trumps’s problem? She’s not the queen of America or any other country except yours. So you British subjects are welcome to bow down to her. No obligation on foreigners to do the nonsense!

14/07/2018 16:12:59 WIB
Sharon @pastirka

@Act4Health @EL4JC I know, Phillip would have sorted him out.

14/07/2018 00:15:35 WIB
Act4Health 🌹 @Act4Health

@pastirka @EL4JC I’m no Royalist - but the lack of respect is disgusting - who exposed her to this - Philip would have sorted him good 😡

14/07/2018 00:18:48 WIB
Sharon @pastirka

@Act4Health @EL4JC I don't know, probably another one of Maybots disastrous ideas. Where was Charles or Harry, anyone? It shouldn't have happened.

14/07/2018 00:27:08 WIB
Sharon @pastirka

@Act4Health @EL4JC I thought it was protocol to not turn your back on Royalty? Did no-one brief him on etiquette and how to behave? This man is a thug with no respect and the Queen shouldn't have had to meet him despite "respecting the office of POTUS".

14/07/2018 00:56:50 WIB
🐝BeeCharmer 🐝 Ann ☺️ @Antoine71284847

@pastirka @Act4Health @EL4JC Frankly I'm surprised he's walking in front of The Queen. I am not a Royalist yet I respect her . Clearly from his body language and the fact he walked ahead is just bad manners.

14/07/2018 01:12:10 WIB
Sharon @pastirka

@Antoine71284847 @Act4Health @EL4JC Yes, she's the same age as my mum. Can't imagine what he was thinking. It was horrible to watch. I bet it won't be shown on BBC/ITV news.

14/07/2018 01:18:50 WIB
Rosey @Rosey_St

@EL4JC What a fool! I love that our Queen is wearing the same outfit that in EU-blue that she wore for the opening of Parliament, though! She's just changed the hat. She's making her statement of protest.

14/07/2018 00:09:28 WIB
lor bird @LorBirdy

@ashfieldtree @Rosey_St @EL4JC I really like to think that our queen cares, do you?

14/07/2018 13:58:47 WIB
Rosey @Rosey_St

@LorBirdy @ashfieldtree @EL4JC She definitely does. She has devoted her whole life to serve the people, and she does it faultlessly. She's an amazing woman.

14/07/2018 14:03:55 WIB
Berlin Analytika. Now soap your hands 🇪🇺🕷️ @ashfieldtree

@Rosey_St @LorBirdy @EL4JC Yes. I was never a monarchist but I have massive respect for her as a person. Mrs May should never have made her do what she had to do yesterday.

14/07/2018 14:13:04 WIB
45 is toxic to everything he touches!!🦠🧬🧪🔬 @medcop2001

@ashfieldtree @Rosey_St @LorBirdy @EL4JC The Queen can't get into the politics of it all, no matter how distasteful she finds him to be. She's a tough cookie and took it in stride. YOU CAN BE SURE IT WAS HIS LAST VISIT. She will not have him back. Probably none of the US reps. Especially those who follow that drone.

14/07/2018 14:25:00 WIB


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