((Kungakak Abis Itu Nabok)) Video Lelaki Terpolos di Dunia Nyimpan Tas di Kabin Pesawat, "Gimana Orang Kayak Gini Bisa Bertahan Hidup di Dunia?

Mas-nya sampe bikin katawa mbak-mbak yang dibelakang
HUMOR pesawat Video Lucu bandara Video Viral kabin pesawat
Larry Lee @lazblue
Seriously, how do people like this survive in the world?! 😳 #flying #aviation pic.twitter.com/oWiOVjjVjh
Jamie 👩‍💻 ♥ @JamieMBlanchard
@lazblue Did you think about offering help? Or did you just record and laugh? I’m a frequent flyer but I get that not everyone is.
Olaf Pries @OlafPries
@lazblue Most likely they go into politics, and live happily ever after.
Patrick GraftonGreen @patrickggreen
@lazblue Hi Larry, would it be possible to use this video on the Evening Standard website with a credit to you? Thanks, Patrick
Larry Lee @lazblue
@patrickggreen It’s not my video - I saw it earlier today and thought it was amusing so decided to share it.
2056 @pinkjev
@hashtagcaroline @lazblue @patrickggreen Because it's fucked up posting somebody else's video and getting full credit for it.
tommy @tommyinboots
@lazblue what a miracle that some people aren't great at spacial perception & sizes & angles yet they benevolently survive to be here for your personal amusement.
Rajesh @rajeshbhadalkar
@tommysantelli @lazblue Is it kind of disability by birth ? Knowing facts shall help people behave kindly with them.
Sivaraj Ambat @sivarajTweets
@rajeshbhadalkar @tommysantelli @lazblue He provided free amusement and didn't hurt anyone. People who lack #plane #manners and #inflight #etiquette are the ones who deserve to be laughed at! This guide from @businessinsider should be kept in every seat pocket 🙏 #aviation @sureshpprabhu @jayantsinha @praful_patel pic.twitter.com/N9V0u3V8XV
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