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Jane Kennedy @Jane_L_Kennedy 10/07/2018 18:42:03 WIB
The world needs this spectacular news. All boys and coach out. A remarkable outcome. Thai Rescue operation handled with such care & sensibility & professionalism Hearts bursting. πŸ’–Condolences & immeasurable thanks go to the bravest of brave Navy Seal #SamanGunan #ThaiCaveResue
Rachel Wears @rachwears 10/07/2018 19:01:43 WIB
Good. News. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» #ThaiCaveResue
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Narendra Modi @narendramodi177 10/07/2018 19:52:59 WIB
All 12 boys and their coach rescued after 18 days. What amazing acts of teamwork, international cooperation, selflessness and individual courage. #ThaiCaveResue Salute to Navy Force & Young Kids
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News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 16:33:34 WIB
#Breaking: Night Boy Has emerged out of the #ThaiCave and is on hiss way to the Hospital #ThaiRescueMission
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News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 16:44:05 WIB
#Udate 3: Eleventh Boy is seen carried out by the Cave! #ThaiCave #ThaiRescueMission and will be soon heading to the Hospital.
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 17:08:00 WIB
#Breaking: Cleanup operation in the #ThaiCaveRescue has began. Seems like all of the boys are in safety. Still 2 Boys need to go to the hospital and the remaining coach.
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 17:13:39 WIB
#Update 4: eleventh boy is out the cave and is heading to the hospital. Still one boy and the coach left. #ThaiCaveRescue
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 17:17:18 WIB
#Update 5: the twelve boy and the coach is going together to the hospital to be reunited with all the boys. #ThaiCaveRescue
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 17:23:53 WIB
#Breaking: The Coach and the last remaining boy are in the Main entrance of the Cave! This means Rescue effort is over! They will be soon heading to the Hospital. #ThaiCaveRescue is over.
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 17:28:47 WIB
#Update 6: All divers are also out of the waters all of the rescue effort team is in safety.
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 18:01:10 WIB
#Update: The last boy is out of the cave! #ThaiCaveResue The coach is still at the main entrance.
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 18:03:32 WIB
#Update: Also the Coach is out of the Cave! #ThaiCaveResue They will soon head to the hospital.
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 18:15:25 WIB
#Breaking: The last boy and the Coach are reportedly been flown out by an Helicopter what has been seen flying away just lately! #ThaiCaveRescue
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 18:49:42 WIB
#Update: All of the Divers are out of the cave, Doctors are packing their bags as we speak! #ThaiCaveResue Rescue IS OVER!
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 19:31:51 WIB
#Update: There are currently 2 big Movie production studios camping in the side road of the cave, to take pictures of the cave for a possible movie in the making. Security isn't allowing them to enter main site of the cave as it will be closed for the remaining week and guarded.
News 365 @Newsin365 10/07/2018 19:49:47 WIB
#Update: The doctors reportedly are heading to the main entrance of the cave. #ThaiCaveRescue
Pengelana @awanmaIam 08/07/2018 23:33:30 WIB
Grafis yang menjelaskan operasi penyelamatan 12 anak yang terperangkap di dalam gua di Thailand, Rumit dan sulit, tapi bisa, luar biasa!
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Shandi Nadeak @shauqi23 09/07/2018 00:05:52 WIB
@awanmaIam Yang jadi pertanyaan itu.. Bagaimana anak anak itu bisa masuk ke dalam gua??
Pengelana @awanmaIam 09/07/2018 00:11:40 WIB
@shauqi23 Saat mereka masuk, guanya masih kering, sudah diingatkan untuk tidak masuk terlalu jauh, tapi si pelatih bandel, lalu guanya banjir akibat hujan dan mereka terjebak jauh di dalam.
Story 39617 view 23 Awal Mula dan Kronologis 12 Anak Thailand dan Pelatihnya Terjebak di Gua, Sulit Dievakua.. Medan berat dan berbahaya menjadi kendala upaya penyelamatan mereka
YS Chowdary @yschowdary 10/07/2018 17:43:38 WIB
A heroic spectacle has united entire world, when we forgot differences of nationalities, and come together to put humanity first. With 11 out of 13 rescued from #ThaiCaveResue we pray for last two survivors. I salute the #BritishDivers team who made us all proud as humans.
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D M Zahirul Islam @zislam787 10/07/2018 19:05:49 WIB
This is Dr Richard Harris. The Australian anesthesiologist, aeromedical consultant, cave diving expert with over 30 years experience. Responsible for co-ordinating the #ThaiCaveResue operation. When your children ask about heroes, tell them about him.
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Jai19 @Jai1918 10/07/2018 19:26:26 WIB
@zislam787 ...and tell the story of brave Saman Kunan πŸ™Œ
SRI LANKA LIVE πŸ‡±πŸ‡° @SriLankanLive 10/07/2018 18:14:21 WIB
The determination and dedication of Saman will always be in all of our hearts. Today Saman rests. But his fellow team completed entire rescue mission, just as he intended. Everyone must takes a moment today to remember Saman Gunan. #ThaiCaveResue
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