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#learnedsofar ~ SI

We covered a lot of ground the other night. This is a snapshot of our chat about sensory integration & brain gym.
Sara Schell @SSchell2

What is everyone's profession? I am a speech therapist in a public school setting #Learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:33:06 WIB
Sandi McNiff @Drappelfed143

I am currently nannying, substitute teaching on call and as needed to some light home care nurse aide cases on call. #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:34:35 WIB
Ann-Marie Pollock @AMPollockOT

I am an OT working in a public school full time and an outpatient clinic per diem. #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:34:49 WIB
susan kubik @slkubik

#learnedsofar #lesley5013 Iam working with 5th-8th graders in resource & inclusion.

13/12/2012 08:36:33 WIB
susan kubik @slkubik

#learnedsofar #lesley5013 What is something that you have learned or gotten from the course?

13/12/2012 08:40:11 WIB
Sara Schell @SSchell2

I've learned a lot more about ABA, my school district does not follow the ABA intense therapy #Learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:42:49 WIB
Jennifer Seibert @JHTSeibert

I learned about different interventions & "red flags" #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:44:35 WIB
Rhodora Shinners @RhodoraRhodora

I think reality is: diff. strategies are used to tailor to each child. #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:45:10 WIB
susan kubik @slkubik

I have learned that I knew so very little before I began the class, which is a surprise tome.

13/12/2012 08:45:24 WIB
Jennifer Seibert @JHTSeibert

I also learned way more about sensory integration & have really been using it in my class... WOW! what a difference! #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:48:53 WIB
susan kubik @slkubik

#learnedsofar #lesley5013 I've learned that there is so much more information to be gathered and consumed on this topic.

13/12/2012 08:49:32 WIB
Jennifer Seibert @JHTSeibert

until this class & our last project I just knew ABA... now I feel I have a lot more "tools" #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:49:33 WIB
Rhodora Shinners @RhodoraRhodora

I have learned that there is MUCH more for me to learn! This topic is huge! #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:50:56 WIB
Sandi McNiff @Drappelfed143

I learned a lot about sensory intergration and in general how many things I have seen with sensory issues overlaping asd #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:51:10 WIB
Sara Schell @SSchell2

What and how do you use sensory integration? #Learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:51:16 WIB
Ann-Marie Pollock @AMPollockOT

Glad you are finding SI helpful @JHTSeibert! I was disappointed that sensory processing disorder did NOT make it into the DSM5 #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:51:40 WIB
Jennifer Seibert @JHTSeibert

@AMPollockOT RIGHT!!!!!! It totally should have! Sensory needs in my experience is a HUGE part of ASD #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:53:13 WIB
Sandi McNiff @Drappelfed143

@JHTSeibert I agree about the tools. Much of my experience has been with my friends children. Six of them are ASD #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:51:55 WIB
Rhodora Shinners @RhodoraRhodora

The interview was the most applicable to me so far. The professionals that apply strategies daily is most meaningful to me. #learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:52:47 WIB
Lisa McCrea @dominick526

@Drappelfed143 #lesley5013 I am just reading up on sensory intergration and I like how it can help our little people.

13/12/2012 08:53:08 WIB
susan kubik @slkubik

#learnedsofar #lesley5013 I feel that I have inadvertently touched on a variety of interventions, but used them without a foundation.

13/12/2012 08:53:27 WIB
Sara Schell @SSchell2

I agree I use different interventions but didn't know much about the background or why they work/don't work #Learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:55:03 WIB
Sara Schell @SSchell2

The OT I work with does a lot with sensory integration, it is fascinating #Learnedsofar

13/12/2012 08:54:17 WIB
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