[ROUNDUP] David Cook private gig in Jakarta (photos, etc.)


video snippets

URL YouTube David Cook at Tanoe Wedding Greeting (ghetto vid) David Cook, Ruben Studdard and Nicole Scherzinger congratulate Michael and Angela Tanoe
URL YouTube David Cook - Fade Into Me at Tanoe Wedding (ghetto vid) David Cook - Fade Into Me at Tanoesoedibjo Wedding
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post-gig photos, etc.

Michael Johns @michael_johns

Just chillin with my boy David Cook after two years! Always have a laugh http://t.co/7CjHWCNB

16/12/2012 14:19:27 WIB
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Regina Ivanova @reginaivanova4

Thank u so much for sharing the stage with me @officialdfoster @thedavidcook Nicole and Ruben..❤❤😂 http://t.co/nxeN1hLe

16/12/2012 00:51:31 WIB
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KIKI @Kiki_depp

me with David Cook !!! aaaaaaaaaa he's so good person, thank you so much !! http://t.co/ibgPtwqx

16/12/2012 01:09:51 WIB
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event photos, etc.

Agi Anggadarma @agianggadarma

@DSS_Sound Just finished David Foster & Friends private concert with Ruben Studdard, Nicole Scherzinger, David Cook, etc.

16/12/2012 00:04:05 WIB
Natasha Saphira F. @achanatashaa

Regina Idol, Nicole Scherzinger, Ruben Studdard, David Cook & David Foster singing "Ain't No Mountain High" http://t.co/DhLLXZmU

15/12/2012 23:38:18 WIB
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Diandra Arinita @arinitaa

The best closing ever, david foster,nicole,david cook,ruben,dan regina..satu kata sih,nyeraaahhh!

15/12/2012 22:55:40 WIB
Andriantama @kalkopirit409

Just watched Nicole sherzinger, david cook, david foster, ruben studdart in one stage!!! Extremely dropdead gorgeous people

15/12/2012 22:31:03 WIB

Dave's short set reportedly included - Fade Into Me | Hard to Say I'm Sorry (Chicago cvr) | The Time of My Life

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Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo @AHMADDHANIPRAST

Hard To Say I'm Sorry...David Cook and David Foster...Amazing at Hary Tanoe's Party

15/12/2012 22:06:57 WIB
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